Hi there! I'm Tyechi. My name is based off of the Chinese exercise Tai chi. I'm a HUGE Disney fan and love almost anything Disney. Doctor Facilier is my favorite character ever since 2009.

I don't do much content work here on the wiki. I'm mainly here disambiguating pages and improving articles in other small ways. I consider myself to be a wikignome.

I've visited Disneyland in Los Angeles a handful of times and Disney World once. I love amusement parks. They are my favorite type of articles that I contribute to.

If you ever need anything, drop me a message on my message wall and I'll get back to you when I can.

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Ferb Fletcher4 This user doesn't talk much.

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Magic Kingdom This user has been to Walt Disney World.

Space Mountain Mission 2 This user blasted off on Space Mountain.
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