As someone who had a huge apreciation to Star vs. the Forces of Evil during its first 2 seasons and Battle for Mewni, and then dropped from show due real life responsibilities but came back shortly before the ending to see how the show ended, and now is fully comitted to go back and see the entire show again eventually, one question that has been poping into my head recently, among all the hate from the fanbase towards the ending, and the second half of the show apperantly, is "Is it possible for Star vs. the Forces of Evil to return, should return, and if so how?".

For me there are 3 possible options:

1. Pull a "End of Evangelion" (make the last few episodes not cannon and create a new ending)

-Probably the one people would be more happy to see happening, given how many fans say that the first half of the show is good by itself, and they would rather see the second half be completly retooled. Altough I feel that if you gonna left half of the show intact, you might as well just go for my option 2, I could see that being done with last few episodes from Season 4.

2. Reboot the entire series and streamline the overall storyline (fix the issues present troughout the original series and plan the direction for the storyline better, while taking advantage of a considerable about of the storyline was already done)

-Very likely the most cost effective and one that would generate the most interest from the general public. I do feel, however that it's still too early to pull the reboot card on Star vs. already, and it would probably be better to wait at least 10 years before pulling this out.

3. Keep the show as it is and make a Season 5 that continues from the original ending

-Possibly the one that would be on a creative decision the most interesting, but also would end up being the most devisive among the fanbase, as that would conflict heavily between those liked and desliked the last 2 seasons, and I feel would in the process undermind a lot of the impact of the original ending in terms of within the storyline and would be easily the hardest one to do well.

While I'm open to all of these three options, I should speak about the biggest sticking point and that is if I belive that Disney has any interess to bring back Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It pains me to say it, but I don't think they're interested at all.

If Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder and Milo Murphy's Law were all cancelled against the creators wishes, if a show as heavily aclaimed as Gravity Falls hasn't returned yet, why would Star vs. then have a better chance?

I could see Star vs. the Forces of Evil returning eventually with or without Daron Nefcy's envolvment but not for at least 5 to 10 years at minimum, and only if the show's popularity grows more, similar to The Clone Wars which was given an extra season on Disney+.

I'm very interested to see how SVTFOE will be looked back upon within 5 to 10 years and if people will be more forgiven then of the show's issues.

Anyway, these were just a few random toughts. If you have any toughts on this, please coment.

Quick edit: I saw that a fan made petition for a 5th Season for the show ( made sometime before the final episode aired, has almost reached 150.000 signatures by this point. While I'm not sure if this will convince Disney to do so, it at least shows that there's demand for it. At least more than Wander Over Yonder, and Galatic Kids Next Door...

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