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  • Alex2424121

    A movie where the Imperials are the protagonists would be interesting to see. The story would be focused on a Imperial officer/pilot/trooper, fresh from the academy. When the protagonist begins to see the true tyrannical nature of the Empire, he/she is put in a conflict in regretting his/her choice of joining the Empire. This results in the protagonist choosing to either flee or remain with the Empire.

    In many Star Wars medias, there has been a lot about Imperials defecting to the Rebellion. Even though we don't always see it, there are some sort of socialization within the Empire. The protagonist would have friends/lover in the Empire, some who barely share the same concerns as the protagonist does. If the protagonist was to defect to the …

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  • Alex2424121

    Vandal Warning

    September 4, 2018 by Alex2424121

    Throughout the whole year we've had a vandal/sock-puppet attacking Disney Wiki.

    This vandal has an obsessive determination to put up non-Disney subjects, such as Nick Jr., Blue's Clues, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and much more. User vandalises images and articles by adding/removing/replacing contents with profanity. User previously, and still does, vandalise the JoJo's Circus articles, such as changing premiere dates and changing article contents/headings with profanity. After the articles were placed under protection, user started vandalising on other topics. Most recently, articles relating to other Disney Junior/Playhouse Disney subjects, such as PB&J Otter. Each time an article the suspect creates gets deleted and protected, he will try t…

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  • Alex2424121

    Over the last two years it seems that Disney's latest movies, shows and video games have been showing us everything we've been wanting to see when not so long ago it was all just fan fiction.

    • Disney Afternoon Easter Eggs/crossovers in the new DuckTales series.
      • Darkwing Duck
      • Adventures of the Gummi Bears
      • TaleSpin
    • Two television shows based on Tangled and Big Hero 6.
    • Frozen in the Kingdom Hearts III game.
    • All the Disney Princesses together in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
    • A sequel to The Incredibles.
    • Starco in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
    • A live-action film of Kim Possible

    I've seen and read a lot of fan fiction over the years, and it's a surprise that Disney is making our fantasies real. The only time the Disney Princesses have ever been seen together has been in fa…

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  • Alex2424121


    May 4, 2018 by Alex2424121

    Since the start of this year, there has been a non-stop case of sock-puppet users. It's like they're all coming here, and they're all relentless. Don't they ever quit?

    To those who are reading this, if you suspect any users that maybe considered sock-puppets or notice any peculiar activity that confirms it, please report it.

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  • Alex2424121

    Out of Action

    March 29, 2017 by Alex2424121

    Attention friends, and fellow users of Disney Wiki. Due to moving house, I have no internet access at the moment. In order to write this message, I was given a brief connection. I'm probably going to be out of action for a couple of more days until our internet is sorted. So if you are coming to me more help or advice you will have to address to someone else, because I won't be able to reply.

    Thank you for your attention, and I hope to get back to you soon.

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