It has come to my attention that when creating actor pages there is not much work put into them. All users do is put up an infobox, and small introduction, and a few categories and pictures. All the introductions read are the name of the actor, what they do, and what Disney films they stared in. That's all there is, and the great lack of extensive information is one of the many reasons why actor pages end up deleted. It is time for some changes to get some extensive editing on these pages.

When creating an actor pages we must include more than just their film/show roles. Actors aren't all just about acting. They have lives and history before and after they became famous. Their life history is full of valuable information that is worth writing and reading about.


  • Sylvester Stallone: When he was born forceps accidentally severed a nerve and caused paralysis in parts of his face. As a result, the lower left side of his face is paralyzed (including parts of his lip, tongue, and chin), an accident which gave him his signature snarling look and slurred speech.
  • Harrison Ford: The scar on his chin was a result of a car crash he got into in 1968. Long before he became Han Solo, he had a job at Bullock's department store near Laguna Beach, Calif. On the way to work one morning, he veered off the road and into a telephone pole while fumbling for his seat belt. He credits slamming his face into the steering wheel and some "inept emergency surgery" for the lasting mark.
  • Michael Jackson: His physical appearance changed over three decades, and suffered from several diseases that made his skin extremely sensitive to sunlight and change colour. This led him to wearing makeup that made him look white during.
  • Ray Charles: Lost his sight around ages four or five, and in later years he had his eyes sealed shut, leading up to wearing sunglasses to hide this.

In order to keep some actor pages they need to be on the same levels as the ones on Wikipedia, but in our own unique way. They must receive the same attention as we give character pages. Include biography information about when and where they were born, their personal lives, how they started their careers, and how they got involved in Disney. Information about their casting and their times on the set are also worth writing about. Actors tell a lot of interesting stories about their lives and their time on movie sets. To find all this appropriate information you must do your homework. We're on the internet, we have access to all sorts of information at our disposal. Look up interviews and documentaries on YouTube, look up websites, look up social networks, look up news posts. Look up anything and anywhere. Information can even be found on Bonus DVDs.

We already have a few people pages that have received such extensions and how all the other pages should look like.

Should any user carry out such extensions, do not accomplish this by copying and pasting a large amount of contents from pages on Wikipedia or on other Fandom sites. Plagiarism is lazy, uncreative, and against the rules. Any pages created or expanded with plagiarism will either be deleted or have the suspected contents removed.

Potential page layout

{{Infobox Real Person
|name = 
|image = 
|born = 
|died = 
|cause of death = 
|nationality = 
|alternate names = 
|occupation(s) = 
|years active = 
|spouse = 
|partner = 
|children = }}

===Early life===

===Career before Disney===

===Career with Disney===

==Personal life==


==Disney roles==
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Introduction: Small brief introduction and description about the person in question.


Early life

Information like where and when they were born, and what their lives were like before they became famous.

Career before Disney

Information on how they started their careers before working for Disney.

Career with Disney

Extensive information about their career with Disney.

Personal life

Perhaps include a bit of personal information on the person, like their hobbies and medical conditions.


Include information about a person's death, and not just a small sentence about the cause.

Disney roles



  • Shall remain the same as before.

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