It has yet again come to my attention that we may have a problem. It is so far clear to see that in the movie Maleficent the two characters Maleficent and Aurora become friends which brings me to information within the Character Infoboxes. It is written that Aurora and Maleficent are enemies in the original film and in the series Once Upon a Time but appear as allies in the new film. Now I believe that I have a suggestion to this and that is we breakdown the allies and enemies in a order under the films and shows they appear in.

The infobox on the right here is an example of what I am suggesting and after trying it out on a couple of other Character pages it could really work well for characters who have appeared in more shows and crossovers like Baloo and Ariel.

In the Kingdom Hearts games, Princess Ariel makes friends with the main characters Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy and in Once Upon a Time makes a friendship with Snow White after rescuing her. Having the allies and enemies in this order would also be clearer to understand because someone might mistake the Once Upon a Time Snow White for the original Snow White. There are some people who may have never seen these shows or the films that we know so well, its hard to think that's true but anything is possible.

I know this would mean doing all the other characters but with the new Maleficent film showing Aurora and Maleficent as friends this complicates things and I see this to be the solution to this problem.

I can't attempt this alone which is why I now ask you all to give a helping hand. If we all work together we could accomplish this, plus improve and make the pages better and more organized.