Throughout the whole year we've had a vandal/sock-puppet attacking Disney Wiki.

This vandal has an obsessive determination to put up non-Disney subjects, such as Nick Jr., Blue's Clues, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and much more. User vandalises images and articles by adding/removing/replacing contents with profanity. User previously, and still does, vandalise the JoJo's Circus articles, such as changing premiere dates and changing article contents/headings with profanity. After the articles were placed under protection, user started vandalising on other topics. Most recently, articles relating to other Disney Junior/Playhouse Disney subjects, such as PB&J Otter. Each time an article the suspect creates gets deleted and protected, he will try to recreate it by spelling the heading in different styles (Example: BLUES' CLUES, bLUES clues, blue's clue', so on).

Suspect user appears to show up at a certain of day (EST timezone: 17:00/22:00/1:00/2:00/4:00). Each time suspect user is reported to the Administrators of this Wiki he responds to it by swearing or protest. He would keep saying he wasn't doing anything wrong when the evidence against him is overwhelming.

I write this blog because after monitoring this guy by myself, I now feel that more help and support is in order. If you spot this vandal again report him to the Administrators on Disney Wiki, the Wiki Staff on Community Central and on VSTF. If this vandal gives you any bother, follow the three steps: Revert, block, ignore

Click here to keep up to date with my report page. (Reports/Shiny gloves) Use this for referencing and comparing when spotting this vandal.