This is a revision of my earlier list of characters that I hated the most in Disney movies and television series. Be warned: some of the characters that you like may be on this blog. If you still like these characters, then that's okay. You are entitled to your own opinion. As for me, however, I'll continue to hate these characters. Let's get started, shall we?
Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You-0

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You-0

  1. Prince Hans: This character is indisputably my most hated character from a Disney movie no questions asked. What do I even have to say about him just to prove that I'm being honest here? Let's see: He led Anna on by making her believe that he loved her, he made Elsa out as a monster and tried to get her killed, he leaves Anna to freeze to death in the locked room after he had revealed his true colors to her, he lies to the Duke of Wesleton and to his men that Elsa had murdered her sister, he lies to Elsa by stating to her that her beloved sister was dead because of her, and he ultimately attempts to murder Elsa himself when her back was turned. I mean just what a jerk! He is one of the few characters in a movie that I wish I could punch in the face if he was real, but thankfully, Anna did the honors herself. And before I forget, there is a supposed backstory for this character that explains the reason as to why Hans is evil. However, how are you sure that he wasn't lying about having twelve older brothers that ignored his existence? Even if he was telling the truth about his life in Westgard, that still doesn't justify his crimes in the film. I think you should go by what the movie tells you rather than the supplemental material that's released afterwards. I also can't understand for the life of me why some fans of the movie have tried to pair Hans up with either Anna or Elsa. Did they even watch the movie? Also, many fans seemed to imply that they'd marry Hans just because he's good looking. How stupid is that? Why would you want to marry someone that would lead you on for many untold years and then attempt to murder you when he no longer needed you? Hans is not some cuddly teddy bear or sick puppy that needs to be loved. He's a sociopath, plain and simple. And besides these facts, Hans has to be the scariest character in a Disney film. I know what you're thinking: how is he scary? He's scary, because he symbolizes real life men who have manipulated women into their hands by pretending to love them, and then whenever something bad were to befall on the women, they would leave them to suffer through that situation without a second thought. However, even though I hate his guts, I will still say that he is a good Disney Villain because of how well he played the role as the good guy, and that he even fooled the audience members because he was so careful to keep his true self a secret until opportunity presented itself. Despite this, however, he is still my most hated Disney character and none will ever surpass him for this title.
  2. Turbo/King Candy: He allowed Vanellope to be ostracized just because she was a supposed glitch. However, it soon turns out that this isn't the truth and that he had attempted to delete Vanellope out of the game when he invaded Sugar Rush, and he also wiped all of the video game's inhabitants' minds and completely rewrote the entire game's code. While this is bad by itself, it only gets worse from there when it's revealed that King Candy was Turbo, a racing character thought to be dead after causing two games to become unplugged, and that he forcibly tried to ram Vanellope's head into a wall after his cover had been blown. He also convinced Ralph that Vanellope was in danger of dying if she ever tried to race in one of the game's official races, because she would be mistaken as a glitch by the arcade's owner and he would then unplug the game with her still inside of it. Because of his lie, this almost completely destroys the bond that was developing between Ralph and Vanellope, and it almost completely shattered her trust for him.
  3. Judge Claude Frollo: Oh, Frollo, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways: You murdered an infant's mother, you attempted to drown said infant in a drown for being ugly, you put said child in a belltower and put him under strict control, you emotionally and verbally abuse said child for twenty years, you allow said child to be humiliated during the Festival of Fools, you plot to commit genocide on an entire race just because you view them all as thieves, you lust after one of the members of the race that you're trying to exterminate, you try to burn an entire house to the ground with people still inside of it just because you believed that the owners of the house were keeping Gypsies inside of the house, you commit mass murder by burning a major portion of the city to the ground just to find this one woman who wants nothing to do with you, you attempt to burn her at the stake for refusing your advances, and you try to kill her and the former child you took care of even after said child had saved your miserable life by not allowing you to fall into the molten lead. You more than earned your fate at the end of the film.
  4. Lots-O' Huuggin' Bear: He presented himself as the benevolent leader of the Sunnyside Daycare, only to reveal later on that he's a nihilistic dictator who's willing to crush any sign of resistance to his power. He believed that all toys, including himself, were trash just waiting to thrown away because he was lost by his owner and then discovered that he had been replaced by another Lotso bear. He uses that poor excuse to abuse other toys by often brainwashing them or by throwing them into the Caterpillar Room so that they could be broken up by the much too young children. What really made me hate him is when he begged for Woody and his friends to save him from the shredder. They do so at the great cost to their lives, and he repays them by leaving them to die in the incinerator. He deserved what was coming to him at the end.
  5. Scar: He murdered his own brother and psychologically manipulated his own nephew into thinking that he was the reason as to why his father died. He was also a terrible king who'd rather condemn his subjects to death than acknowledge his mistake and allow them to move somewhere else in the search of food and water.
  6. Candace Flynn: "MOM! Phineas and Ferb are [insert here]!"
  7. Syndrome: He attempted to commit genocide on the Supers just because his former hero, Mr. Incredible, spoke down to him that he did not want a sidekick at the moment. His ultimate goal was to distribute superpowers to other people because it would ultimately destroy the concept of a superhero.
  8. McLeach: He endangers a young boy's life by throwing several knives at him in order to convince him to tell him the whereabouts of the giant eagle. He then tied said boy unto a rope attached to his crane and attempted to feed the young boy to the crocodiles, but not before torturing him first by dunking him into the water and pulling him back in.
  9. Gaston: He was an egotistical snob that genuinely didn't understand why Belle wouldn't marry him. However, he didn't love her for her, he just thought of her as just a pretty face he could possess so that it could boost his ego.
  10. Lady Tremaine: Need I say more?
  11. Man- Killed Bambi's mother. In some countries, it's illegal to kill a doe if it has a fawn. It was most likely illegal there when Man killed Bambi's mother.
Who are your most hated characters?
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