To the local administration of the Disney Wiki,

My name is Justin I have been an active user on the Disney wiki for almost a year now. During my experience I have noticed a few flaws with this wiki. Disclaimer, I am in no way making demands or telling you how you must run your wiki. I am only pointing out some issues and giving constructive criticism and other suggestions. In terms of experience I am currently a social and editing administrator on The Karate Kid Wiki, Hamilton Wiki, and The John Wicki along with being a moderator/administrator/bureaucrat on a few other small wikis. If you consider my experience invalid that is completely up to you. (tl;dr is at the end)

1.Lack of discussion moderation

I never really see any discussion moderators despite the discussion board’s high activity. I seen maybe 2 GDMs and a full time mod who each have other communities to take care of and they are pretty busy. This wiki has been a GDM assignment for about a year or almost 2. The current moderators are doing a good job but they are not enough to run this whole circus. I also need to mention that the only local moderator, Newt Strike, is globally blocked across so he cannot do anything about the discussions area. The GDMs have pretty much stopped moderating this wiki under the impression that local mod Newt Strike had returned to actively moderate this wiki. This leaves the discussions severely abandoned. I see lots of off-topic posts, inappropriate posts, spam, and more. I see the admins are almost never involved in discussions and that this wiki is more content focused. I see dozens of posts out of category that no one really does anything about.

Here are my suggestions. I say it is best to appoint some local discussion moderators and have an admin or two actively moderate the discussions. Maybe even demote the inactive admins. We should have at least one discussions focused admin to keep the mods in check, block misbehaving users, update discussions categories, promote new discussions moderators, and more.

2. Lack of proper guidelines and policies

I check the guidelines on the discussion and wow. They are so outdated. They are mostly just the default guidelines with a link to the off-topic post. But the off-topic post is outdated and locked. There are not much policies. Current policies mostly only for editing such as vandalism and photo policies. Some new discussion categories may also be nice.

Here are my suggestions. Add some new guidelines such as a limit for many times you can post in a row since that seems to be an issue. And also elaborate on new and current guidelines. Maybe even a categories guide for the discussions board would be nice too.

3. Lack of moderator to administrator communication

I see the admins have a discord chat. I do agree that is the best idea but I also see content moderators reporting to admins via message wall and admin message walls are usually flooded with like 10 messages a day. Responses can even be highly delayed.

Here are my suggestions. Since there are a lot of block worthy things happening on the Disney wiki discussion board you should have at least one or two discussions focused admins for the reasons stated in #1 and maybe even appoint discussion moderators and give them the ability to block people like they do on the Harry Potter Wiki or The Hunger Games Wiki so that they do not have to worry about a delayed response from admins or SOAP or GDMs. A moderator only discussion post like the Department of Mysteries on the Harry Potter Wiki would even be an acceptable alternative since not everyone has discord.

In conclusion, I understand you are busy but I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Reminder, if you consider my experience and opinions invalid that is up to you but I ask that you at least take what I say into consideration. I wish you the best of luck in the future no matter what you decide to do.

Kind Regards,

Cabbage Man Fan

tl;dr: This wiki needs better guidelines, discussions moderation, and better communication between moderators and administrators.

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