Big Hero 6: The Animated Series is a 2015 American animated superhero television series based on the 2014 film of the same name, which, in turn, is loosely based on the Marvel Comic book series. The series was created by Cloverfield monster, and it takes place after the events of the movie. It focuses on the exploits of the Big Hero 6 team fighting various villains, monsters, and other forces of evil that threaten San Fransokyo and the rest of the world. Unlike the movie, which featured science closer to reality, the series features more fantastic elements. An actual animated pilot was released in November 2017 and the full series was released on Disney XD on June 9th, 2018.

New Characters

This is a list of new characters that make their first appearance in this show.

Red RoninBased on the Marvel comics mech of the same nameRed Ronin is a giant robot, a mecha built by Wasabi as a defense weapon against the threat that mankind faces from creatures called Kaiju, gigantic amphibian monsters feared by all of humanity for the destruction and death they unleash on major cities around the world. Wasabi got the idea to build Red Ronin after observing Fred watching mecha anime shows on TV. He was interested in the fact that the robots of the show were fighting giant monsters, which gave him the idea to build Red Ronin, believing that this could be the answer to stopping the Kaiju threat. He based the robot's design off of the mechs from those shows, but also added some elements of Japanese samurai armor worn by samurai warriors. Red Ronin is 250 feet tall and weighs around 30,000 tons. Each member of the BH6 plays a crucial role in piloting the robot so it can move and fight. Wasabi leads the team by manning the head, which is the control center for everything inside Red Ronin. Hiro and Fred control the arms, while GoGo and Honey control the legs. Baymax has control of all the weapons systems inside the chest area, so by pressing buttons upon orders, he can summon weapons from any area of Red Ronin's body for use in Kaiju Combat. Red Ronin is also capable of intercontinental flight, useful for fighting Kaiju attacking other cities across the world.

The Kaiju - The Kaiju are a race of giant amphibious creatures that are usually 200-300 feet tall. They are hostile creatures with skin that even the mightiest conventional military weapons cannot penetrate. It's not known where exactly these creatures came from or how they evolved, but it is known they first revealed themselves to humanity in the 1950's, during the Atomic Age, when a Kaiju was first spotted swimming in the ocean by submarines. The first Kaiju attack on the city came about a few months later, where a Kaiju rose up and devastated the city of Osaka. Since then, scientists across the world have been trying to study these behemoths to learn more about their abilities, how to prepare people for the next attack, and how to maybe even stop them completely. Kaiju also secrete an extremely toxic liquid when their skin is damaged that is harmful to humans and other life forms and in some cases, even to other Kaiju. That's why when a Kaiju is killed and city officials have to clean it up, they have to wear powerful hazmats to approach the dead Kaiju safely. The Kaiju attacks on the world were the reason why Wasabi built Red Ronin, a giant robot fighting machine built to fend off the beasts.

The deadliest and most destructive Kaiju attack in recorded history took place in San Fransokyo in 2022, and it was dubbed, "The Great Siege" by where an enromous 330 foot tall Kaiju, the largest on record, came out of the ocean and began to wreak havoc. Despite the best efforts from the military to stop it, the Kaiju devastated the city, killing millions and creating a 40 mile path of destruction from San Fransokyo to Los Angeles. After 3 days of fighting the monster, the military was finally forced to resort to using nuclear weapons, which finally killed the Kaiju, but at the cost of Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods.This particular Kaiju was responsible for the deaths of the parents of Hiro Hamada and Tadashi Hamada. Tadashi was only a boy at the time of the attack, and Hiro was just a baby.

Megazon (voiced by Paul Dobson) A mere throwaway one-liner from Fred turns into a character of its own in the form of the villainous Megazon. Megazon is a ruthless alien tyrant and the main villain of Fred's favorite superhero TV Show, The Ultra Soldiers. He wants nothing more than to conquer entire planets and galaxies to expand his intergalactic empire and destroy all forms of resistance against him. However, he is frequently stopped by The Ultra Soldiers, who use their mechas known as Bords to battle him. Megazon has superhuman strength, a powerful magic staff which can emit powerful energy weapons as well as convert into a sword. Megazon also has an incredible assortment of gadgets and technology at his disposal when needed. When Fred got a cool invention to enter the Ultra Soldiers world in the TV as a gift for his birthday, Megazon stole this device and used it to transport himself to the real world, where he proceeded to rampage through San Fransokyo and demolish half the city as well giving the Big Hero 6 a serious pounding. However, using Fred's knowledge of the TV show, they finally managed to stop him and send him back into the TV show where he belongs. However, he would later return and kidnap Hiro to lure his teammates to him so he can wipe them all out. He was one of the team's deadliest foes.

Megazon does NOT take failure well at all. So much so that when one of his minions fails a mission given to them, he tears off one of their limbs violently as punishment.

Rangarok - (voiced by Corey Burton) Rangarok is actually the original Baymax that sacrificed himself for Hiro in the portal at the end of the movie to help Hiro make it out. But, unfortunately, he is no longer the adorable, somewhat naive, and caring robot he once was. Without the healthcare chip that is currently in the new Baymax, the original became a cruel, evil, monstrous villain. He managed to escape limbo and returned to Earth, hell-bent on vengence. His biggest mission was to destroy Hiro for "abandoning" him (as he puts it). He first appears in the episode, "Framed", where he rampages across San Fransokyo, intent on framing Baymax for crimes across the city to get the public to turn on him and result in his destruction. But, he was eventually stopped and Baymax's name cleared, but he became one of the Big Hero 6's deadliest adversaries. He is a dark parallel to Baymax. Baymax loves to heal and help people, while Rangarok takes pleasure in killing and destroying.

Alternate Hiro - (real voice by Ryan Potter, disguised voice by Fred Tatasciore Alternate Hiro (aka Evil Hiro) is an evil, cruel, and mentally unstable version of Hiro from an alternate dimension, where a much, much different set of events happened. In this reality, Hiro didn't learn from the error of his destructive ways and actually succeeded in killing Callaghan using Baymax during the "Destroy" scene. However, he did not stop there. He became deranged and psychotic, he began to enjoy the feeling of killing. He stole the dead Callaghan's mask and proceeded to use it to continue creating a swath of devastation across the world. He killed all of the BH6 members (except for Fred, who went into hiding and formed an underground resistance to fight against Hiro sometime later, and Baymax, who was still under his control). Building a new army of Baymaxes meant for war and conquest, Alternate Hiro succeeded in destroying all of civilization as it was known and became the ruthless overlord of what was left.

His new battle outfit includes Callaghan's mask, which he swiped after killing the man, a torn cape worn around his neck, jet black Iron-Man like armor worn around him and a black hood around the back of his head. He also has ten times the amount of microbots under his control that Callaghan had. His modified mask also has a built-in voice changer, which activates when the mask covers his face, making his voice sound more demonic, scary and intimidating.

Alternate Fred - (voiced by T.J. Miller) Alternate Fred is a version of Fred from an alternate dimension. In this dimension, he is a serious, brooding, and tough warrior. And he has a good reason to be: after Alternate Hiro destroyed Earth, he had lost everything he ever cared about: his friends, his family, his luxurious life. After Alternate Hiro killed all of the Big Hero 6 members, he was the only surviving member (not counting Baymax, who was still under Hiro's control). He went into hiding and formed an underground resistance army that works regularly to protect the remaining humans from Alternate Hiro's wrath. It is also implied via recordings and a photo Alternate Fred keeps in his backpack that before Earth was destroyed, he and GoGo were dating. At first, he does not believe the regular Hiro when he tries to tell him that he's from an alternate reality and has him and Yokai, who also got sent to that dimension, locked up in a cell. But, it's not until he hears of Alternate Hiro on yet another rampage that he believes them and teams up with them to stop Alternate Hiro from going to destroy the real Hiro's reality as well.

Alternate Fred does not wear his hat, he instead wears a black coat and grey shirt. He also has an eyepatch on his left eye, due to an injury, and he also has bionic right arm, which was built to replace his biological arm, after Alternate Hiro tore it off with his microbots

El Magnifico - (voiced by David Shaughnessy)  El Magnifico is a very famous superhero that fights crime in San Fransokyo. But, his true identity is actually Fred's humble butler, Heathcliff, for while Fred is away fighting crime with his friends, Heathcliff secretly goes around beating up villains himself. However, unlike Fred, El Magnifico works alone. He has an incredible arsenal of gadgetry that can help him save the day and get himself out of any situation, as well as his brilliant intellect and quick wit. His arch-nemesis is the evil Dr. Alymo, a supervillain who was actually once Heathcliff's good friend turned bad. El Magnifico is always battling him and foiling his evil schemes for world domination. He is largely inspired by James Bond, as El Magnifico is great at fighting, says funny quips and saves the day from villains time and again.

Fredzilla -  A 300-foot tall reptilian force of destruction, Fredzilla is NOTHING like the beloved fanboyish, good-natured Fred the rest of the team has known to love. After a lab accident while hunting a mad scientist, that loveable oaf has transformed into a thoughtless savage. When the monster makes landfall in San Fransokyo, NO ONE is safe. Cars get crushed, buildings smashed, bridges toppled, entire cities on fire, it's a powerful destructive force that can't be stopped. He is deliberately designed to look exactly like the monster form of Fred's comic book counterpart. He is a giant 300 foot-tall Godzilla-like creature, with red scaly skin. He is highly muscular, with huge muscular arms for smashing buildings and enemies and bulky legs that can crush anything in the monster's path. It also has has razor sharp teeh and claws, as well as 3 large fins on his back and 2 smaller ones that run from his shoulders to the start of its tail and one large one that runs from the end of its neck to the beginning of its tail. It not only uses its claws, teeth and sheer size for causing destruction. It's also capable of shooting an enormous laser-like blast of heat from its mouth that can decimate entire city blocks.

While not truly evil, he is portrayed as a destructive force and serves as the main antagonist of his episode debut, going on a vicious rampage through San Fransokyo and destroying the city, before finally being returned to normal by his friends. However, in the Season 2 finale, Revenge of Fredzilla, he later returns as an anti-hero, intent on destroying a far greater threat: The insect-like GIMOs, though still causing a lot of city destruction in the process.


Season 1

Name No Description
Pilot 001 Taking place after the movie, after the defeat of Yokai, Hiro Hamada is struggling to balance his normal college life (which is really not normal at all for a 14-year-old) and his duties as a superhero. However, SHIELD arrives in San Fransokyo with Nick Fury questioning whether or not the Big Hero 6 is good enough to protect the city. The team may have to prove their worth when a terrorist plans to unleash a nuclear weapon on San Fransokyo.
Blast from the Past 002

The eccentric manager and creator of an upcoming dinosaur theme park, Mesazoic Land, hires Hiro to build him highly sosphisticated and life-like robot dinosaurs for this new theme park, promising he will be paid a lot of cash. He creates life-like Robosaurs, which consists of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, a Pteranodon, and an Apatosaurus. He builds them to make them look and act as real as possible through a thinking AI system that has a simple brain so the robots can perfectly replicate the way real dinosaurs behaved. However, things go arwy when the robot dinosaurs malfunction and thus begin wreaking havoc on the city. Now the Big Hero 6 has to clean up the mess.

Framed 003 Baymax is accused of going on a series of destructive rampages through the city and commiting all sorts of acts of chaos that Baymax SWEARS he never did. This leads the team to believe something's not right, and they set out to find out who's REALLY destroying the city. It turns out that it's actually the original Baymax that was lost in the portal in the movie turned bad, and he now calls himself, Rangarok. He has somehow escaped limbo and returned to Earth with a desire to kill Hiro out of revenge for, as he believes, "abandoning him" in the portal. The team now has to stop Rangarok's plans for revenge and clear Baymax's name.
Need for Speed 004 Since getting her suit during BH6's formation, GoGo has proudly held the title of being the fastest thing in San Fransokyo. That is until she runs into a villain called, "Supersonic", who is wearing a special suit that makes him able to run even faster than her begins stealing things all across the city. Determined to not let her title be beaten, she upgrades her suit to make it as fast as his to take him down for both the good of the city and personal reasons.
Mecha Mayhem 005 Wasabi brings the team together to reveal to them that he has just finished working on a giant mecha robot built to help combat the meancing beasts known as Kaiju, giant creatures that rise out of the ocean to wreak havoc on major cities. He has been working on it for a long time and kept it a secret from them so it can be a surprise. He calls the robot, "Red Ronin," as it was deliberately designed to look like a samurai as well as the robots from the mecha shows Fred likes to watch. Wasabi hopes it can be highly effective in protecting humanity from the Kaiju threat. However, this effectiveness may soon be put to the test when an enrmous 300 foot tall Kaiju  dubbed, Destructicus Wrecks, makes landfall in San Fransokyo and begins rampaging through the city. Will Red Ronin's power be enough to take the giant beast down?
Anger Management 006

When the Big Hero 6 get a report that a raging green monster is causing major damage in San Fransokyo, they are shocked to find out when they go to confront it that the large green monster attacking the city is none other than The Incredible Hulk. The team has no idea what to do at first, since they have heard about how powerful and near invincible The Hulk is. Now, they have to find out how to stop The Hulk's rampage while also dealing with the mysterious group known as HYDRA that is hunting him.

Monsters and Magic 007

With no crime today, the Big Hero 6 take the day off by playing Fred's favorite fantasy role-playing board game,Monsters and Magic, which takes place in a land filled with magic, sorcery and mythical creatures. However, when Fred accidentally releases an evil magician, the magician not only makes all the game's monsters real to terrorize the city, but also causes the team to be stuck in their in-game roles in real life, too. Now they have to find a way to save the city as their respective characters' powers from their game only and once again seperate fantasy from reality.

All the team's characters in their role-play that they end up transforming into in real life:

Hiro: A wizard

Baymax: A humanoid dragon (it's actually his monster form from the comics)

GoGo: A 6-foot tall cyborg chicken

Honey: An orc

Wasabi: A 8-foot tall humanoid squid-like creature that bares a resemblance to Cthulu

Fred: A crocodile knight with a mace

Mecha-Fred 008 After Fred accidentally breaks his leg in a bike-riding accident, Hiro realizes that they still need a sixth member of the team. So, he builds a temporary robot replacement that looks like Fred's monster suit, which he calls,"Mecha-Fred." However, the robot realizes that once Fred is healed, it will end up becoming obsolete. So, thus, it becomes self-aware and decides to destroy Fred. The Big Hero 5 must protect their friend from Mecha-Fred's wrath.
The Blue Jay 009 A Robin Hood-esque man in tights is stealing money from the rich all across San Fransokyo and giving it to the poor. The whole team shows strong support for this man, but Hiro has his doubts. What is this man's real motives? Can he be trusted?
Man of Iron 010

Hiro finally gets to meet his idol, '"Iron Man", who is visting San Fransokyo to promote the new building for the new San Fransokyo branch of his tech company, Stark Industries. Impressed with Hiro's strong robotics knowledge, the billionaire genius invites the boy to spend the day with him so he can teach him some useful skills to help make the boy a better genius. It starts out fine, but, their day of fun is cut short when some of Iron Man's armors begin wreaking havoc after they've hacked into by The Mandarin. Hiro and Iron Man must team up to put an end to Mandarin's mayhem.

Production Notes: It is revealed that Iron Man is Hiro's idol and the boy looks up to him highly. It's also revealed that Iron Man is the one of the main reasons Hiro decided to take up robotics in the first place.

My Aunt a Crime Boss 011 The team is surprised to find that crime in the city has gone down, and at first they are happy this is the case, but that happiness soon fades when they discover that the reason behind is because the local thugs have begun to love Aunt Cass' pastries so much, they decide to work for her. And thus, her restaurant becomes a villain hangout.
Monster Island 012 The Big Hero 6 are alerted of a disturbance going on at "Monster Island," an island used as a containment facility for captured Kaiju to keep them away from civilization so they don't destroy any major cities. They soon discover that an environmental extremist group plans to free the Kaiju from Monster Island and unleash them on major cities across the world, as they believe humans are ruining the planet and that Kaiju are the next stage of evolution. The team now has to put the group's plans to a screeching halt and prevent worldwide destruction.
Yokai the Destroyer 013 Yokai breaks out of prison and manages to take control of the Asgardian Destroyer Armor to go on a rampage and seek vengence on the team for foiling his plans during the events of the movie. The near unstoppable power of the Asgardian weapon proves to be too much for the team to handle by themselves, so they end up enlisting the help of Thor to defeat Yokai once more. 
Cage Match 014 After Baymax accidentally destroys GoGo's new car during a battle with a supervillain, much to her rage, Baymax, feeling guilty, secretly decides to participate in the illegal bot fights to get money to buy her a new car. At first, things seem to be going well as Baymax is winning against every opponent so far. However, Hiro and company may have to come to Baymax's rescue when the robot has to face off against a massive robot in the final round that could potentially rip him to pieces. In the end, he defeats the massive robot, but discovers that GoGo already bought herself a new car a few days ago, meaning to an incredibly shocked Baymax's surprise, that he risked his life in the bot-fighting arena for absolutely NOTHING!
Talkin' Trash 015 Wasabi has always hated messes and anything that is not neat. It's just the way he is. This is especially made worse due to San Fransokyo's recent garbage problem, where there is less and less space in the garbage dumps for more trash, so it just keeps piling up, overflowing and just plain making a mess. So, Wasabi decides to create a new microbe technology he hopes can remedy this problem by having it eat the garbage and clean everything up. Unfortunately, the microbes eventually grow out of control and the team has to stop the fast-growing colony before it devours the city. Meanwhile, Fred is glad that for once, he was not the one to accidentally cause a potential disaster.
Growth 016

Frustrated that his short height is causing all kinds of problems for him, such as being unable to go on amusement park rides and getting picked on for being short by kids taller than him, and even constantly getting beaten up by villains that tower over him, Hiro desperately seeks a way to get taller. However, while helping Wasabi get rid of some unwanted experiments, Hiro accidentally gets injected with some weird substance via pricking his finger on a needle by mistake, which turns out to be Wasabi's experimental growth serum. Hiro doesn't notice it at first, but as he finds himself accidentally destroying everything he touches, and everything around him seems to be getting smaller, it quickly becomes obvious what's happening to him: he's growing, and fast! Soon enough, he becomes taller than a 7-story building, putting San Fransokyo and his friends in grave danger. The team has to get the terrified, rapidly growing teen to calm down and get him back to normal size before he destroys San Fransokyo in panic, and to save him from the military that see him as a threat to the public and are hell-bent on destroying him.

Unwanted Guest 017 After Aunt Cass' bakery/home is destroyed in a superhero battle, Baymax suggests to a reluctant Hiro that she stay at his dorm for a while until her house gets fixed. All the students in the college really like Aunt Cass, but for the 6 heroes, her welcome wears out really quickly, as her annoying and controlling habits (such as keeping them awake by snoring loudly at night, telling embarassing stories of Hiro's childhood to his friends, and re-organizing their rooms without their consent) begin to drive them all crazy and deprive them of sleep. They DEMAND that Hiro tell Aunt Cass to leave, but he can't bring himself to kick his own aunt out. However, when she gets kidnapped by Mr. Yama, the Big Hero 6 will have to rescue her.
The Stupid-ifyer 018 A doctor with a massive intellect invents a hand-held weapon that he calls, "The Stupid-ifyer", a ray gun that is designed to drain the intelligence out of anything it zaps, rendering those zapped almost completely brain-dead. His invention ends up zapping 4 members of the Big Hero 6, making the entire team (with the exception of Fred) as dumb as a sack of bricks. Fred has to work to defeat this villain, stop his  evil plan and find a way to make his friends smart again. Meanwhile, Baymax is stuck back at base keeping the now completely brainless team out of trouble before they hurt themselves.
Rise of the Animals 019 The team notices that all the animals in the city have begun attacking humans and causing mayhem. Zoo animals have broken out and have started wreaking havoc. Pets are even turning on their owners. Birds are pecking people relentlessly. Even Mochi is attacking Hiro for some reason by clawing at him. They set out to find out what's making all the animals go nuts without bringing harm to one (as that would be animal abuse). They soon realize it's because they are being controlled by a giant mutant ape who calls himself, "BigFoot." (voiced by Clancy Brown) His goal is to eradicate the human race and turn the remaining individuals into his slaves and make animals the dominant species once again. The Big Hero 6 cannot let that happen.
The Silver Samurai 020 The mayor of San Fransokyo makes a city bill that puts a ban on all superhero activies because it has been causing too much property damage lately and he feels it threatens the citizen's safety almost as much as the criminals they're stopping. While the rest of the team reluctantly complies to these new rules, Wasabi, refusing to let crime overrun the city, resorts to fighting crime on his own as a masked vigilante at night, wearing an enhanced samurai armor that greatly enhances his strength, fighting abilities and the ability to jump long distances as wells as hides his true identity. Wasabi names his alter ego after a legendary warrior fromlong ago...the Silver Samurai. But, keeping his superhero identity a secret from his friends, fighting crime, and avoiding the Mayor's new anti-superhero patrol squads all at the same time proves to be way more of a challenge for Wasabi than expected.
Guardians of the Galaxy 021 An alien race known as the Chitauri arrives in San Fransokyo, and they begin attacking the city to send a signal and bring the rest of the invasion squad over to take Earth. The team tries to fight them, but they prove to be too much for them. So, the Big Hero 6 end up getting some help from the Guardians of the Galaxy, which consists of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.
Super Yama 022 Mr. Yama has mostly been kind of a recurring nuisance with his crazy band of thugs that plague the city. However, when he accidentally discovers a medallion that grants the wearer incredible power, speed and telekinesis, he embraces this power and decides to use to, of course, take over San Fransokyo. The team has to get this crazy medallion away from Mr. Yama before the entire city becomes he and his gang's own personal playground.
Infected 023 After GoGo gets infected with a very deadly disease during a trip to a Health and Research facility, the team finds it's advancing far too quickly for modern medicine to be able to handle. So, they decide they are going to have to shrink themselves down to pill-size and go inside GoGo's body to eradicate the virus themselves, and they're going to have to do it quickly before GoGo dies.
Revenge Part 1 024 As tension threatens to break Big Hero 6 up for good, major problems arise: Kaiju from Monster Island have broken out, and robots are wreaking havoc across the city, and worst of all, Rangarok is back, and it turns out he was behind both the problems. He is using a large satellite that puts both the monsters and the robots under his control. He captures the team in a Monster Island facility plans to use both monsters and robots to eradicate humanity and make robots take over as the dominant race.
Revenge Part 2 (Season Finale) 025 As Rangarok and his army continues their relentless rampage across the globe, The Big Hero 6 manage to escape their holding cells and work to battle the onslaught and free the monsters and robots from Rangarok's control to help humanity fight back and save the planet.

Season 2


No Description
Red Ronin Runs Rampant 026 It has been 6 months after Rangarok's attack on the world, and most of the cities have been rebuilt, although there is still work to be done. However, the team will have be called into action once again when their old nemesis, Yokai, takes control of Red Ronin and sends him on a rampage through San Fransokyo. The team now has to stop his plan and get their mech back.
El Magnifico 027

Everyone knows Fred has his very own butler, Heathcliff, at his mansion. But, what does this butler do all day while Fred is away fighting crime with his pals? Well, it turns out, Heathcliff actually does have adventures of his own...for, unbeknownst to Fred, he is secretly a superhero called El Magnifico. This episode focuses on El Magnifico's exploits in battling his arch-nemesis, the evil Dr. Alymo (voiced by Jim Cummings), who plans to wipe out San Fransokyo's technology with an EMP. It's up to El Magnifico to stop this from happening.

Note: This is the first episode where every BH6 member is a minor character, as El Magnifico is the main character in this episode.

The Fujitas 028 A new crime gang is running amok in the city. It's actually a gang consisting entirely of women, who call themselves, The Fujitas. The specialize in using bombs and cannons and also use their attractive appearance to get unsuspecting men to do what they want. Who better to stop them than Big Hero 6?
Fredzilla 029 While hunting down a supervillain that is doing genetic experiments on humans using monster DNA, Fred accidentally breaks a tube of Kaiju DNA and steps on it (also by accident). Afterward, Fred seems fine, but they soon learn he's anything but when he undergoes a terrifying transformation into a giant, red 300 foot tall Godzilla-esque Kaiju, who is called by the others, "Fredzilla". Fredzilla immediately escapes and goes on a rampage through San Fransokyo, turning into a sea of fire and rubble. The rest of the team has to get their friend back to normal before the entire city is destroyed.
De-Evolution 030 Bigfoot

returns, and this time, he plans to use a new de-evolution gun he invented. His master plan is to use this de-evolve all humans back to their original ape forms and make apes the dominant species once more with him as their leader. This leads the team in an all-out battle to determine who will rule Earth: Humans or Apes?

A Better Healthcare Companion 031 When Krei announces at a tech convention he's planning production of an all-new robot called "S.T.E.V.E" to be a better healthcare companion and plans to put into mass production sometime soon, Baymax begins to experience a feeling which humans call, "jealousy," possibly due to his phobia of becoming obsolete. He continuously denies it around his human companions, but Baymax is convinced that no good can come from this and he sets out to prove it. But, is it just Baymax's jealousy getting the better of him, or could something darker actually be going on behind S.T.E.V.E.'s eyes?
Were-Bot 032 Baymax is well-known for his incredible ability to heal and protect people when they are sick. But, what are the team going to do when this time, it's BAYMAX who is sick? Because after Baymax gets infected with a mysterious computer virus, at the full moon, Baymax transforms into a large, robotic werewolf that feeds on data from technology and is willing to kill anyone that gets in the way of satisfying his appetite. The rest of the team has to find a cure for Baymax's condition before it's too late.
Restaurant Wars 033 A fast-food chef named Akira opens up a burger joint across the street from the Lucky Cat Cafe, threatening to put Aunt Cass out of business, which starts a war between the 2 restaurant owners. Hiro doesn't want to get involved at first, until he begins to notice suspicious activity behind the scenes. Could the new restaurant just be a cover-up for underground criminal activity?
Daddy Issues 034 GoGo's overprotective dad comes to visit. Gogo reveals to the team that her dad hates seeing her do daring or dangerous things and she promised him she would have nothing to do with that stuff. She's worried that if her dad found out she was a superhero, he would freak out. GoGo asks her friends to help keep her secret from dad.
Please look after this Kaiju 035

After using Red Ronin to put a stop to a Kaiju attack on the city, the Big Hero 6 spot a baby Kaiju that has supposedly been left behind. Believing the creature was misplaced or abandoned by its mother, Fred insists they take care of the tiny creature until they can find its real mother. Fred then names the baby Kaiju, "Ricky", and Fred begins to form a strong and surprising frendship with the tiny Kaiju. And even the others, who were initially really skeptical, begin to warm up to Ricky. However, a greedy circus owner kidnaps Ricky and decides to make him his star attraction to make a profit, angering Fred, who drives off to rescue him. To make matters worse, Ricky's mother, nicknamed, Momma Kaiju by Fred, makes landfall in San Fransokyo and rampages through the city, intent on reclaiming her child. The team now has to make this right and return the infant.

Fred Gets a Brain 036

Sad that everyone in SFIT considers him a dim-witted imbecile and calling him names such as "moron" and "brainless", Fred decides to do something about it and buys a formula from a mysterious merchant in order to make himself smarter. It vastly exceeds his expectations and he ends up becoming a genius who is way smarter than the rest of the team, even Baymax. But, it comes at a price: He ends up becoming awful at fighting and a complete bore to be around. But, when Bigfoot captures his friends and threatens to destroy the city, he decides he needs to return to being of lower intelligence to save his friends.

Brawn 037 When a former strongman who calls himself Brawn begins using a new super-steroid to give himself and his goons incredible superhuman strength and huge muscles to match, the team finds themselves in over their heads with this one. So, they decide to fight strength with strength and call upon their former adversary, The Hulk, to help cut Brawn down to size.
Revenge of Megabot 038 Ever since Hiro got Baymax, Megabot has been forgotten and left to rust, much to the former fighting bot's dismay and anger. Then, when he accidentally merges with the devices he gave inspiration to, he uses this to seek his revenge and accomplish one goal: Destroy Baymax for replacing him.
The Big Evil 6 039

The Big Hero 6's most deadlest enemies return and form a team of their own to destroy them once and for all: the Big Evil 6, which consists of Big Foot, Mr. Yama, a rebuilt Mecha-Fred, Rangarok, Yokai and Dr. Alaymo. Overwhelmed, they seek the help of El Magnifico,  to help defeat the Big Evil 6.

Production Notes: Fred finally finds out El Magnifico's true identity in this episode. He also promises Heathcliff he won't tell ANYONE, not even his team.

Bad Lemon 040

Honey has a less-than efficent habit: Her overly nice nature has given her a habit of saying "YES" to every task asked of her, making her even more busy than she should be. So, she steals Wasabi's experimental Medusa serum, which is a serum he created to make submissive people more assertive. However it has one side effect: It completely changes her personality. It makes her mean, tough, cantankerous, stubborn, and utterly ruthless towards criminals, much to her friend's shock and fear. But, when Honey leaves to go pick a fight with criminals, she starts brutally beating the living tar out of them, until Mr. Yama arrives and defeats her easily. He then captures her and uses her to draw out the rest of the team so he can kill them personally. Now, the others have to rescue their friend and get her back to normal, too. 

Production Notes: When Honey goes bad, she dons a new outfit almost identical to that of her original comic book counterpart, except less revealing.

Fin Fang Foom 041 Fred discovers a gigantic alien dragon-like creature frozen in a block of ice since the middle of the Ice Age. Unfortunately, he accidentally thaws it out, ressurecting it. The alien turns out to be Fin Fang Foom (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), a giant alien dragon-like creature infamous across the galaxies for wreaking havoc on planets and destroying entire civilizations, and he was imprisoned in the ice by the galactic council during the Ice Age as punishment for his destructive crimes. Now, using Red Ronin, the team has to work to stop Fin Fang Foom's planet-destroying rampage before he does just that.
Reality Check (hour long special) 042

During a particularly ferocious battle with Callaghan, both Hiro AND Yokai accidentally get sucked into a dimensional portal and find themselves in an apocalyptic alternate reality, where the Hiro in that reality succeeded in killing Callaghan during the "Destroy" scene. After that, he became evil, deranged and psychotic, and killed off most of the members of the BH6, took over Earth, decimated human civilization as it was known and took over what was left with an entire army of evil Baymaxes and now rules the remnants of humanity with a ruthless iron fist. PLUS, the Fred of this dimension has lost all his humor and fanboyism because of this and became a more serious, tough, and brooding character. Alternate Fred is also the leader of an undergroud resistance army that works to stop Evil Hiro's tyranny. Hiro and Yokai both reluctantly decide they have no choice but to team up to get back to their dimension. But that mission is put aside when Evil Hiro finds the coordinates to the real Hiro's dimension and plans to destroy their Earth, too. Now, the real Hiro has to work together with the Alternate Fred AND Yokai to prevent Evil Hiro from succeeding and return home.

Production Note: At the end of the special, once everything is back to normal, the team wonders if there are any other alternate realities, and then one is revealed: It's the universe of the original Marvel comic book version of Big Hero 6, with the team from that universe making a brief apperance and preparing to take on Everwraith. Here is who voices the comic versions of each member of the team:

Hiro Takachiho: Still voiced by Ryan Potter

Baymax: David Sobolov

GoGo: Cree Summer

Honey: Grey DeLisle

Wasabi: TBA

Fred: Will Friedle (human form) Frank Welker (roars) (Monster Form)

Aunt Cass the Hero 043

Aunt Cass decides to become a superhero like her nephew after a maniac robs her store. However, she accidnetally ends up entangled in a diabolical terror plot that threatens San Fransokyo. It's up to her to stop their plan and save the city.

NOTE: This is the second episode where all the Big Hero 6 members only make a minor appearance in favor of having a supporting character as the main focus. The first was El Magnifico (Heathcliff).

The Ghost of Tadashi 044 The ghost of Hiro's older brother returns to visit his younger brother.
The Ultra Soldiers 045

Wasabi gives Fred a special invention for his birthday that allows him to enter the universes of fictional characters on TV so that he can meet them and fight side by side with his favorite fictional superhero team, The Ultra Soldiers. But, major problems arise when the show's main villain, Megazon(voiced by Paul Dobson ) steals the device from Fred and uses it to transport himself into the real world, where he begins to cause major chaos and destruction and across the city. Now, the rest of the BH6 actually have to rely on Fred's knowledge of the show to stop Megazon.

Production Notes: The Ultra Soldiers are an homage and parody of the Power Rangers, while Megazon is an homage to the original show's villain, Lord Zedd.

Attack of Dr. Demonicus 046 The team finds themselves in battle with an ancient foe called Dr. Demonicus, who was actually Fred's dad's old arch-nemesis from his former superhero days. He is a villain known for doing crazy experiments and tinkering with mutations to forward his objectives to rule Earth. They soon realize he and his mutant army are too powerful, so they end receiving help from an unlikely ally: Fred's Father.
Revenge of the Robosaur 047 The robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex from Episode 2 has been rebuilt, and this time, it has gotten smarter and gained the capability of speech. The Robosaur (voiced by David Kaye), rebulilt with a powerful arsenal of new abilities now seeks revenge on the BH6 for his previous destruction and to avenge his scrapped Robosaur friends.
Everwraith 048 The team battles a mysterious ghostly figure called Everwraith.
Sunfire 049 The team tackles a strange, hot-headed and tempermental being who goes by the name, "Sunfire". This man has the ability to create hot plasma and is at first believed to be a threat to the city by the group. However, they soon realize he's not really a villain at all. He's actually a good guy who is working to stop a great evil.
Revenge of Fredzilla (one hour season finale) 050

A nuclear meltdown accidentally awakens 2 huge monsters called "GIMOs" (Giant Insect-like Monstrous Organisms), which begin wreaking havoc on several cities. To make matters worse, both monsters are converging on San Fransokyo to mate, and if they succeed, the monsters could overrun the planet could wipe out all life on Earth. This time, not even the power of Red Ronin is enough to stop these monsters, so the team is forced to go with the nuclear option to end their reign of terror: Get the test tube of Kaiju DNA from Episode 29 and once again transform Fred into Fredzilla, as the monster is the only thing powerful enough to destroy the GIMOs. This leads to an epic showdown for the fate of humanity in the middle of San Fransokyo between Fredzilla and the 2 GIMOs.

NOTES: This episode is a homage and re-telling of Godzilla (2014) , with the GIMOS being a homage to the M.U.T.Os from that film.

Season 3

Name No Description
X the Unknowable 051

Once again, Fred unwittingly unleashes a grave threat to humanity. This time, it's a reptilian monster with radioactive powers and the ability to change his size at will by consuming enough radiation, who calls himself, "X the UnKnowable." He plans to make San Fransokyo completely uninhabitable to humans by spreading enormous amounts of radiation on the city. Once again, the team has to use Red Ronin's might to battle the beast and clean up another one in a series of Fred's messes.

Megazon Returns 052 The alien warlord Megazon returns, intent on getting revenge for his last encounter with Big Hero 6. This time, he attacks and kidnaps Hiro, because due to his years of experience in conquest and war, he knows that attacking the smallest and youngest of the team will encite the other members into a panic, and lure them to him. Horrified of the torture Megazon might inflict on Hiro, or worse, DEATH, and knowing how Megazon pretty much creamed them during their previous encounter, the team ends up going into the Ultra Soldiers TV show to enlist the help of Megazon's arch nemesis: The Ultra Soldiers themselves. Now, the team and Ultra Soldiers must work to rescue Hiro from Megazon's malicious clutches.
Mega Yama 053 Tired of the Big Hero 6 constantly foiling his criminal activies, Mr. Yama is determined to find a way to destroy those pesky teenage superheroes once and for all. He discovers a surviving sample of the experimental growth serum from Episode 16 (even though after the incident that happened in Episode 16, Wasabi ordered all remaining tubes of the serum to be destroyed to prevent another incident like it from happening). He was originally going to drink it himself, but he ends up getting a better idea: he pours it on his robot, Little Yama, which has been rebuilt since his fight with Megabot, causing it to grow to gigantic proportions and having Mr. Yama rename it Mega Yama. He, of course plans to use Mega Yama to take over the entire city. Only Red Ronin has the might to stop Mr. Yama's mechancial giant that's rampaging through San Fransokyo.
Raging up a Storm 054

The Big Hero 6 are fighting a maniacal weatherman intent on using a weather machine to take control of the world by creating weater-based disasters of various kinds, but while they are fighting him, the weather machine malfunctions, and GoGo is caught in the explosion. While she seems OK at first, they soon discover unusual weather patterns going on and it seems to happen whenever Gogo's mood changes. They soon realize when the machine malfunctioned, it gave her have the ability to change the weather based on her emotions. If she's sad, it gets cloudy. If she starts crying, it causes severe rainstorms. If she's happy, it's sunny as can be. But, if she's angry, giant destructive tornadoes appear. And if she's scared, hailstorms happen. The rest of the team has to find a cure while Fred is stuck back at base begrudgingly catering to GoGo's every whim so her emotions don't destroy the city.

Production Notes: It's revealed that GoGo is extremely afraid of hornets, and when one ends up entering her dorm, she gets so terrified to the point of tears that huge hail starts coming down on the city. This fear would come into play again in the episode, "Fear Itself."

The Hunt for the Stolen Charging Station 055 Hiro discovers that Baymax's charging station, which he uses to charge himself when he's low on battery, has been stolen, and they have no idea who did it. He gathers up the rest of the gang to try and find out who was the reponsible for the charging station's theft. Because, if they don't get it back soon, Baymax will lose his battery completely and never be able to charge again. Hiro and the rest of the gang refuse to let that happen.
Fear Itself 056

The team ends up having to face a dangerous spirit who forces them each to face their own worst fears. But, will they be able to overcome their fears, or they will be subjugated to suffering through these nightmares forever?

List of each of the Big Hero 6's greatest fears:

Hiro: Fire (for obvious reasons)

Baymax: Becoming obsolete

GoGo: Hornets (she got attacked by a hornet colony and it traumatized her)

Honey: Being ugly (because she used to be freaky looking when she was younger)

Wasabi: PEGGOS, a LEGO parody (Because of a traumatizing incident where when he was younger, he had 2 PEGGO pieces stuck up both nostrils of his nose which almost killed him by preventing him from breathing)

Fred: Robot overlords (due to seeing a really scary movie about robots taking over Earth)

Selling Out 057

A businessman Rick Richards, who owns the company Robotic Technologies Inc (Ro-Tech), who's headquarters is located in the city of New Yorkohama (which is a combination of New York City and the Japanese City of Yokohamais impressed by Red Ronin after seeing him in action protecting San Fransokyo from the Kaiju. So, he heads there and offers its creator, Wasabi, a deal to allow his company to make Red Ronins themselves and give him LOT of money in return. At first, Wasabi is happy to accept the deal, as he believes with Red Ronin's protecting cities everywhere, it could finally make the world safe from the Kaiju menace, but he immediately refuses once he finds out that the company wants to use their Red Ronins as weapons for human wars. Refusing to take no for an answer, Rick builds his own giant robot meant for war to attack San Fransokyo, which he dubs, Ultimo, His plan: decimate the city, annihilate Red Ronin, and take the RR blueprints by force. 

Marvel's Big Hero 6

(hour-long special)


This episode actually takes place in the Marvel Comics dimension seen at the end of the hour-long special, Reality Check, and the original comic book versions of Big Hero 6, who made a cameo in that episode, are the main chracters of this one. In this episode, Hiro Takachiho and his new team, Big Hero 6 take on Lord Deathstrike (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), a supervillain in a kabuki mask that threatens to destroy Tokyo. It turns out that Lord Deathstrike was also responsible for killing Hiro's father, Tomeo Takachiho in a fire, and stealing his new invention.

Production Notes: This episode is pretty much a "what would it be like if the movie was closer to the comic" kind of episode.

Imagination Chaos 059

While seeing his human companions playing a live-action role play game, Baymax is sad that he cannot join them because, being a robot, he is incapable of processing imagination. So, he ends up being made an imagination chip that will allow him to have the ability to imagine things so he can play with his friends. However, chaos occurs when Baymax accidentally gets hit by an electrical wire, causing the imagination chip to malfunction. While Baymax is stuck in imagination mode, he believes he's in Asgard helping fend off an invasion of evil Frost Giants to save the kingdom. When in reality, he's going on a destructive rampage through the city. Now, the rest of the gang has to stop Baymax and remove the imagination chip before Baymax causes too much damage. But, how are they supposed to do that when Baymax sees them all as evil monsters and wants to eliminate them?

Production Notes: This episode was inspired by the Futurama episode, "Bender's Game", which had a sub-plot about Bender wanting to be able to use imagination.

The Water God (suggested by Silverflight) 060

After Krei Tech's waste facility dumps some hazardous wastes into a lake off the coast of San Fransokyo, an axolotl gets exposed to the chemicals and mutates into a water-based being called Water God. Enraged over the environmental damage caused by humans, Water God wages war against humanity and tries to claim dominion over the planet for his kind. To make matters worse, the extremists from Episode 12 "Monster Island" have sided with it and are planning to attack the cities of the world, leaving no humans behind. With the rest of the team occupied with taking down Water God, can Baymax, Go Go, and Honey reason with the beast and find a compromise between both races?


These are short 6-7 minute long episodes that will once in a while play in between different shows.

Name Description
Me Time Sometimes, even healthcare companions need time to themselves. When Hiro goes to bed and is fast asleep at night, that's the time for Baymax to have some fun and do things HE wants to do, when he gets to have some, "Me Time". It is revealed he likes to watch Transformers, play soccer with himself, read books, painting, and a few other things. 
Nicknames How did the members of the team get their nicknames? They hinted at some of it in the movie when Hiro first met them, but they never went into any real specifics. This minsode reveals exactly how and when they got their nicknames and how they've stuck with them since.
Red Ronin: Origins This short minisode chronicles the long process it took for Wasabi to getting the mecha Red Ronin built and condenses it to 6-7 minutes. From getting the city's approval, to budgeting, choosing what weapons should be implinted and how it should be piloted, to actually building the robot, this minisode shows all that, the process that happened before the film, during the film, all the way up to RR's deubt episode, Mecha Mayhem.
Kaiju: History of Monsters This minisode reveals the 80 year recorded history of the Kaiju (from 1953 to 2032). It chronicles the first sighting of a Kaiju in July 1953, the first Kaiju attack on a major city that happened in October that same year, the several attacks on cities that have happened over the years, as well the deadliest and most destructive Kaiju attack in recorded history that took place in 2020 in San Fransokyo, Sacramento and Los Angeles, which led to the deaths of Hiro and Tadashi's parents, and scientist's efforts to try and contain the beasts, or if lucky enough, stop them completely.

Baymax's built-in operating system gets upgraded to the latest software, "Doors 10", but it turns out the new OS is not very well-built and has a lot of problems, thus leading to hilarious antics.

PRODUCTION NOTES: Doors 10 is a parody of the real-world operating system, Windows 10.



  • A TV series is now officially happening as it was announced one was coming to Disney XD in Fall of 2017.
  • While the film focuses on science closer to reality, the series features more fantastic elements, such as the Kaiju, gigantic monsters that wreak havoc on major cities, as well as the addition of mecha robots that were made famous in anime, with the main mech, Red Ronin, used to fight said Kaiju. The citizens of San Fransokyo also use Japanese yen, instead of US dollars.
  • How San Fransokyo gets rebuilt quickly in the next episode each time the city is destroyed is never fully explained, but it is implied that futuristic technology makes building much, much quicker than normal.
  • So far, there are 2 episodes where 5 members of the team only make a minor appearance: Episode 10 (Man of Iron) and Episode 20 (The Silver Samurai).
  • There are also another 2 episodes where ALL of them are minor characters. The first being Episode 27 (El Magnifico), as the episode focuses on Heathcliff's superhero alter ego, and the second being Aunt Cass the Hero, and it's pretty obvious who that focuses on.
  • The team's Mecha, "Red Ronin" is in fact based upon the Marvel mecha that first appeared in the Marvel Comics version of Godzilla. In Fact, Red Ronin actually worked with Big Hero 6 in the comics at one point.
  • 4 Marvel characters have made guest appearances in the series: Hulk, ThorIron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy
  • In the minisode, Me Time, it is revealed when Hiro is fast asleep every night, Baymax likes to use this time to do things HE likes to do, examples including watching Transformers, playing soccer with himself, and painting, and the minisode focuses entirely on that.
  • The way Fred becomes Fredzilla in Episode 29 is actually a nod to a scene from the Nickelodeon TV movie, The Boy who Cried Werewolf, where the main character Jordan (Victoria Justice) transforms into a werewolf after a similar accident.
    • Also, the monster Fredzilla looks exactly like he did in the comic books, as a reference to the comics and Godzilla.
    • And interesting enough, like Godzilla, Fredzilla started off being the main antagonist in his on-screen debut. However, also like Godzilla, Fredzilla would later go on to become an anti-hero, defending the Earth from threats that could destroy, but not for the benefit of the humans.
  • A recurring gag in the series is that a lot of people mistake Hiro for a girl due to his appearance, much to his chagrin.
  • Baymax's monster form, the Werebot, was originally going to be called Wirewolf, but that name was near-immediately scrapped to avoid confusion with the Buzz Lightyear character of the same name.
  • It turns out that Heathcliff, Fred's butler, is actually a superhero himself, called El Magnifico and Fred and the rest of the team has no idea that it's him.
    • However, Fred finally does find out in the episode, Big Evil 6, and promises Heathcliff not to tell anyone, even his team.
  • I took inspiration from James Bond and Batman for El Magnifico. I wanted to make a character that was great at fighting, has lots of gadgets and makes funny quips.
  • Normally, Hiro is the leader of the team. But, when they are using Red Ronin to battle, Wasabi is the one that's the leader, as he's the one who built the mech, so he knows all the controls.
  • Whenever a major man-made disaster threatens the city, it's usually Fred's fault. Whether it be accidentally unleashing some kind of villain or monster, or using an invention to try and help his friends or the city, and it ends up going wrong in some way.
  • In the early stages of the show, Callaghan (aka Yokai) was originally not going to return at all and his daughter would end up taking the Yokai mantle in anger at the team for putting her dad in jail. She was going to go on a rampage and attack the team at their base, destroying their base, and then hunting the scattered BH6 down intent on picking them off one by one. But, this was ultimately scrapped as it did not seem like something she would do.
  • In the episode, A Better Healthcare Companion, it is revealed that Baymax has a fear of becoming obsolete, to the point it actually makes him super-jealous of the robot, S.T.E.V.E.
  • The GIMOs from Episode 50 are an homage to the MUTOS from the 2014 American Godzilla remake.
    • There are some differences though. The Male GIMO does not have wings and is larger, but the female GIMO does and is smaller. In the 2014 American Godzilla, it's the other way around. The Male MUTO is the one that has wings and is smaller, while the female is flightless and is larger.
  • Despite being a villain with a silly premise (being a TV show character brought into the real world), Megazon is one of the most dark and menacing villains in the series, right up there with Rangarok.
  • Unlike all the other Kaiju, Momma Kaiju was the only Kaiju to attack a city with an actual goal in mind, which was to get her child back. Momma Kaiju is also the only Kaiju to leave the city alone without any further conflict once her goal was accomplished.
  • The San Fransokyo Institute of Technology is one of the very few buildings in the series that does not get destroyed even once throughout the series (the movie tortured that building enough. Plus, they got to go to school somewhere).
  • Out of all the Marvel comic book versions of Big Hero 6 onscreen, Hiro Takachiho is the only one to keep his Disney counterpart's voice actor. Everyone else has a completely different voice actor.
  • Rangarok's name is actually spelled incorrectly. It's supposed to be "RAGNAROK" not "RANGAROK", but I chose to stick with it because it sounded cool when you say it.
  • The word, Kaiju, means, "strange beast" in Japanese, though it can be interpreted as a number of things, such as "monster" "giant beast" or "giant monster".
  • This is the first Cloverfield monster series to be a superhero show, before Fantastic Four: The Animated Series.