Godzilla the Ride

Godzilla: The Ride is an attraction based on the classic Japanese movie monster of the same name. It employs ride mechanics similar to that of Star Tours, except there are windows all around the vehicle, which is surrounded by a 200 foot 360-degree screen, as well as heat effects to emulate Godzilla's atomic breath. It also utilizes steam and smoke effects for smashed buildings, resulting in an life-like 3 and a half minute 3D film putting the guests right in the middle of the destructive Kaiju action. It is located at DisneySea USA in California Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, and Tokyo Disneyland



When you are in line, there are theatrical posters of all 29 Godzilla films (new posters are added as future Godzilla movies arrive) on the walls, and a monitor above the line that shows a military commander explaining the history of Godzilla, from his origins as a dinosaur mutated by atomic testing and his rampages that spanned 60 years. Once you get closer to the ride, you see scattered objects all of them smashed, such as debris, wrecked cars, and other destroyed objects giving off the effect of walking into a city street destroyed by Godzilla. He also explains the history of the Godzilla Defense Force, an organization dedicated to defending the world's cities from the rampages of not just Godzilla, but from other Kaiju as well. 


The guests are taken into a military briefing room after being recruited by the Godzilla Defense Force. A military commander explains that Godzilla has risen out of the ocean once again and is wreaking havoc and destruction in Los Angeles, and could make his way to Disneyland if not stopped. The guests are then taken into a tram intentionally designed to resemble a military transport aircraft. Once the guests enter the vehicle, they are flown into Downtown Los Angeles, where the pilot tells the riders they need to find a safe place to land. While Godzilla is destroying buildings with his atomic breath, he looks up and spots the vehicle where the guests are in and chases after it. The pilot tries to fly the chopper away from the rampaging reptile as he destroys buildings left and right. As Godzilla charges right for the aircraft, he is ambushed by King Ghidorah, the 3-headed dragon.

The guests look on as Godzilla engages in battle with his nemesis, with the military transport aircraft getting in close to the action.  Heat, smoke, light, and steam effects are blown onto guests to further the illusion. Godzilla then incapacitates Ghidorah by blasting his middle head off with his atomic breath. Godzilla then roars in victory as the guests are flown back to Disneyland with a shot of Los Angeles in ruins, and the ride ends. 

After the ride, there is a gift shop where guests can get a variety of Godzilla-related products, such as Godzilla movies, Godzilla action figures, Godzilla playsets, Disneyland-exclusive Godzilla souveniers and even Godzilla statues with Mickey Mouse ears on them. There's also a meet and greet area where you can take pictures with Godzilla and say hello to him. King Ghidorah also appears as a meetable character. There's also a Godzilla themed Cafe next to the ride, called The Kaiju Grill, where guests can get something to eat for lunch or dinner, including Rodan Chicken Wings, Kaiju-Burgers, King Ceasar Salads and spicy hot atomic fries.



  1. This ride contains lots of loud noises, intense sequences of citywide destruction and mayhem and monster-on-monster violence that may frighten younger guests. Do not force your child to ride if he or she is scared to.
  2. Anyone with high blood pressure, motion sickness, back, neck and heart problems should not ride.
  3. Expectant mothers should not ride.
  4. This ride contains frequent use of heat, smoke, light, and steam effects.
  5. Eating and Drinking is not permitted on this ride.


  • The city that Godzilla attacks differs depending on the location of each version of the ride. In DisneySea USA, it takes place in Los Angeles. In Disney Hollywood Studios, Godzilla attacks Orlando. In Tokyo Disneyland, it's the monster's homeland in Tokyo.
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