• Disney dork777

    Recently it has been brought to my attention that Byzantinefire has created his own to-do list. Naturally I thought "He must have some really great ideas". I was wrong. The following is a copy and pasted version of his complete to-do list (which was last updated 18:35 April 4, 2014 wikia standard time or you can read it here):

    "My to do list

    1. Get Disney dork777 and Hey1234 demoted.
    2. Blocked SilverFlight and Disney dork777 for payback
    3. Become an Administrator and Bureaucrat again.
    4. Make Frozen badges.
    5. Restore many Kingdom Hearts pages.
    6. Rename the wiki.
    7. Get rid of the so called plagiarism rule.
    8. Make Portals.
    9. Maybe make Star Wars and Marvel Character Infobox's.
    10. Kick Dlrgirl75 from the chat several times for revenge.
    11. Make more Pirates of the Caribbean charact…
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  • Disney dork777

    I honestly hate to have gotten to this point but I believe that Byzantinefire is unfit to serve as an admin. Following is a list of proof for my cause:

    1. He only wants to maintain his #1 spot on the leaderboard instead of editing for the pure love of Disney. He has threatened to ban a user who is working hard to add pages, only because this user may overtake him. It is unfair for someone to be banned for working very hard.

    2. He bans users who are against him or his views.

    3. He has openly consented to and encouraged the copying of articles from other wikis (proof: and see attached picture for a conversation from November 12). We have gotten in trouble with too many other wikis who are unhappy to fi…

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  • Disney dork777

    Hey everyone, especially the Star Wars fans out there. As most users here know, we have been trying to affiliate ourselves with wikis such as Wookieepedia for a long time. One of our admins Byzantinefire has come to an agreement with a Wookieepedian  named Cade, and they have come to an agreement that outlines the requirements before Wookieepedia will consider affiliation:

    "for us to even remotely consider affiliation, you will have to 1) spend //years// (plural) cleaning up and raising the overall quality level of the site, 2) get a community consensus from more than just you and a handful of admins, and 3) actually come up with a way that Wookieepedia could benefit from said affiliation. - Cade"

    This is the important part of the blog post:…

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  • Disney dork777

    I think there should be badges created for editing the Kingdom Keepers series. It would provide incentive to add information to the practically empty pages for things of the series

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  • Disney dork777

    Epic Mickey 2!!!

    November 13, 2012 by Disney dork777

    Ok so Epic Mickey 2 comes out in America the 18th (only 6 more days). Am I the only one who's completely psyched? Is there anyone else out there who can't wait any longer?

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