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HI :)

My name is nellie. have you ever wondered why Disney movies stay with us forever, weather it be Pixar marvel or live action, well me too and I have so many theories as to why. I'm in love with film making / animation and all things cinema and I overanalyse everything to the point of extinction lmao. (and yes I admit to sometimes getting caught up in some crazy theories). collaborating and talking to others about movies and these theories honestly make me so happy :) and I've made so many friends because of it and been invited to do so many cool things such as going to comic con and vid-con and playlist live.

so I've finally worked up the courage to start writing this and I hope you all enjoy and come along for the ride. (lowkey hoping that this doesn't flop lmao) look out for the next post :)

let curiosity lead you,

Nellie xx