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Dear Disney Diary at October 13,2021:

So these day my mother buy me a charger; and I have a school module; and another thing happened; I made a bad adventure; I get to fight a bad kid; and so I was like Fa Mulan fighting.

And i have stayed up i didn't sleep until i have edited 138 edit on these wikia Disney;so my Favorite cartoon Disney character who was it umm humm oh Raya,Noah's God,Jesus Christ (Noah's God his child) and Mirabel Madrigal''.


Dear Disney Diary at October 14,2021:

I have finished six modules''.

Dear Disney Diary at October 15,2021:

Emotional Challenge:

Hi so I like the song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo, so welcome these world cause your about to read the longest blog; so let's start, the lyrics by Olivia Rodrigo was good but right hahaha, she's a Filipino just like me,so yah rigsOLlHjjjjsjjskwkwkskakakakakakkq by jfjxlkuszfrsyyrsutszouzupzptdpudtup to 7tdtptstuousos at pttspptsztptustuptsptusDDiyrzs8ysyrry8sr6ts9st9st79d7dt9utddtodouutdut979tutdt97