Duke Remington Duke Remington 12 May 2015

Why Disney's Direct-to-Video Sequels Are Not Canon

A HUGE thing that needs to be addressed is, as I discussed before, despite what some of the Admins and certain members here want to believe, Disney's direct-to-videos ARE NOT canon and there are many reasons why:

First of all, aside from sporadic DVD reissues, the company hardly ever acknowledges their existence in most of their media (the parks, merchandise, books, trivia and info sites like D23.com, etc.). For instance:

  • Pocahontas & John Smith remain an official couple, completely ignoring John Rolfe
  • The "Pre-teen" Wendy Darling appears in the parks instead of the Adult Wendy from "Return to Neverland"
  • Characters from them (ie: John Rolfe, Melody, Abis Mal, etc.) don't appear in the parks as costumed characters in general
  • They hardly mention …
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