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  • FrostiesPrincess

    I know it was too late to discuss about Cinderella perhaps the film already released a few months ago. But late is more better rather than not, right?

    The live-action movie is compeletely awesome! I'm glad Disney didn't much change the original stories with 1950 film, so the movie is still the classic one. But things that I want to discuss isn't the movie, but it is Cinderella's glass slipper. I want to share my question and answer all about Cinderella's glass slippers.

    Q: Why the glass slippers isn't lose after the midnight, as other magic are loses (carriage, horses, gown, etc.)? A: I'll answer that question with some opinion:

    • The glass slipper is a hint of The Prince Charming to meet the girl that he loves (Cinderella). Imagine if the glass…

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  • FrostiesPrincess

    Of course all of you already known by 'Let it Go' song from Frozen. The song by Idina Menzel can be said 'so popular' because got the positive reviews from many peoples. Did you know what's the background behind the song? Let's check it out!

    Note: Just want to share, it was only my opinion.

    Performed by Elsa (Frozen main character), she sang it while she was stand in the snow mountain alone.

    Elsa has the unique powers which also thinks 'dangerous', creates the ice and snow as she wants. After many years she keeps her secret powers from peoples, intuitively she shown her secret to her peoples at one times. Her peoples being scared to Elsa, their new queen. Some peoples accused her as a dangerous monsters.

    Fault and scared, Elsa run away from her …

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