Back in December 2013, I left a word about copying from Pixar Wiki on an admin's wall. As a result, there was an attribution template set up, which is great...

But copying didn't stop. Only change: now the template was added when copying, so that most ironically, it became a marker of copying, if anything. If so, around 250 pages have been copied from Pixar Wiki since December 2013... Not quite what I expected then.

Indeed, that's all in clear violation of a policy stated on the Do's and Don'ts page, a contradiction which has been frustrating... Why is that rule not enforced? Copying is often easy to recognize (more so because of the template!)... Is it because it is not known this is occuring? If so, I can formally assure copying from Pixar Wiki is continuing, and not by a little bit.

I have realized that the current rate is so thorough there are many pages where not only content is copied but then any change on Pixar Wiki, no matter how minor, be it just one word, is propagated here. I've even seen cases where stuff was added, then removed, because that's what happened on Pixar Wiki. There are many cases where the pages are short and could have easily be written anew. And in some cases, content original to Disney Wiki was actually removed to be replaced by whatever was written on Pixar Wiki! Isn't this degree of "precision" excessive?

More than the copying itself, it is the way it’s done that concerns me. It’s as if words were carbon-copied without any thinking about their utility or relevance here, just for the sake of copying Pixar Wiki.

I mean, Disney Wiki and Pixar Wiki are two different, independent wikis in their own right. To me it makes no sense that the same exact thing is written on both. I doubt it's of any good for either.

It would be great if this could stop.

Isn’t there more value, more professionalism, at having original content? I believe that several admins have stated their opposition to plagiarism and that measures have been taken for several wikis. Will you do anything for Pixar Wiki?

In any case, I think the contradiction should be solved; if copying is actually OK, perhaps that no-plagiarism rule should be removed, since false.

There’s one thing I find important to clear out. I've been wondering if my previous messages, or that I add the {{PixarWiki}} template to pages, were interpreted as that I approve copying. Well, I don't. I try to tolerate it because it is not "illegal" for Wikia; but I think it should never happen, especially to this extent. Virtually everything I have ever written on Pixar Wiki is somehow also written here word for word, which is... not particularly funny.

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