With that Duck-Tales revival on Disney XD for 2017, and the *cough*JESSIE*cough* spin-off coming, I feel like Disney channel is starting to kick the can WAY too far, since their live-action shows aren't bringing near as many viewers as even 3 years ago. And you know it's bad when their last DCOM (WITH a current Disney Channel star and one from a show that was cancelled just last year) got the WORST ratings for a DCOM since 2010 (3.93 million).

First think of 2010:

Now look at 2015:

  • No show gets more than 2.3 million if they are lucky, maybe 2.5 at best (even as a special).
  • Three shows are getting long in the tooth, with the most popular ones in seasons 3, 4, and 4.
  • No animation (Disney XD has this as of now, with rare airings on the main channel)!
  • All the shows are the same thing: Sitcoms that have junked the channel since 2006!
  • A 15% drop in ratings just from 2014, and over 30% from 2011!
  • The last DCOM, Bad Hair Day, failed to get 4 million.

You aren't going to solve your issue with another live-action show that will get 50% less ratings within 3 episodes from the series that orginated from it! You also are not going to go much further with the 99% live-action between 2 PM and 8 PM (9 AM to 11PM on weekends) everyday! And 2, possibly even 3 shows are being finished this year? What, more movies? HA! That's a one-time idea, then right back to sub-2 million EACH and EVERY time, even for a new episode of a show in season ONE! Disney Channel, I give you your must-do-or be-Frozen-in-2-years idea: CARTOONS!

The Disney XD channel has it! Just simply make more live-action shows that are for Disney XD only (which seem to be better for the audience (except for maybe, Kirby Buckets)) and transfer the 'toons to Disney Channel! Soon, your ratings will go from 1.5 or so million to 2.5 million for every day! On AVERAGE! You could even go like the 1990's and do cartoons for these movies, using the CGi style for Sofia or Doc McStuffins:

  • Frozen, duh! Some eps for Elsa, Anna, and Olaf! A couple could be in Hans' POV in the Southern Isles (kinda like Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story), or Isabella and the Temple of Sap).
  • Wreck-it Ralph: Some are about racing with the other Sugar Rush Racers, some about Ralph's adventures (in made-up games to avoid extra fees for real characters), and some about Felix and Sergeant Calhoun on, say co-op play for Hero's Duty!
  • Big Hero 6: Already mentioned, but with it just getting the Oscar for its category, it's a good time to do so. Hiro and Baymax would fight other villians, but not those seen in the other Marvel shows, and not ever made as well!
  • Cars/Toy Story: These would focus on the lesser characters (Trixie, Chick Hicks, and Jeff Gorvette), though not as a crossover, 2 shows separately.
  • The Duck-Tales series is an instant case to be here as well (just make sure you play the movie DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp before the pilot), and maybe a 9 hour marathon, like Phineas and Ferb did before the AtSD movie and Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You! in 2011 and 2010.

A few other things to think about, Disney Channel (don't say XD, many don't have it, and I told you that you should make more live-action shows for that channel ONLY!)

  • One of these Phineas and Ferb spin-offs:
    • Isabella/Fireside Girls: Was mention way back in 2010, and this would focus on the Fireside Girls, with many not having much to know about.
    • Norm, Perry, Doof, and Vanessa: A spy show, but with primarly these characters.
    • Candace, Jeremy, Stacy: Ok, this should be easy for the transistion process from the live-action to animation or CGI. Even better, it would be better for people! (and yes, Candace would much nicer, as Phineas and Ferb would be rarely seen)
  • A show 15 years in the future from 2002: Kim Possible's kids taking up after their mom!

Ideas that should happen:

  • Brave Little Toaster! Show the 3 movies first in the correct order (1987, 1999, 1998), and have a show about the main 5 and Ratso.
  • Star Wars Babies: A show on how the heroes and villians started in their youth. Like Muppet Babies, but no copyright music held by someone else. Perfect for Disney Junior, like 7D: A show that doesn't mind being shown on either channel and is clean for little kids, but entertaining enough for older ones.
  • A House of Mouse revival, but only using hand-drawn characters from 2001-onward (except for Mickey's gang). Examples: Mabel Pines and Izzy in a pirate battle, Lilo racing Rabbit in a carrot-powered car race, Dipper and Kim Possible solve a mystery that combines Kim's stelth and Dipper's knowledge. Orginal song at the end, three 6 minute episodes.

As for Disney Junior:

  • About all I can say is finish that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show ASAP! Burn 4-5 eps a week, then air it for the rest of its airable life on DJ the Channel.

That is about what this once-great channel should do, and even better why not we all avoid watching the channel (unless it is animated programming on). And tell others to do the same, and you may be able to see these shows as well, and maybe only 1 live-action show by 2018!

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