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16:30; May 26, 2011

I was browsing through pictures of Bolt and Penny on Google Images, yesterday, when i stumbled across something i wasn't even looking for: Penny's last name!

I clicked on a picture of Po, from Kung Fu Panda, that had what I suspected to be it in the subtitle, and it took me to a page that (1) listed Penny's abilities (I think), which, I guess, had something to do with the video game, and (2) said that Penny's last name is (Are you ready for this?): "Forrester!"

However, I wasn't about to take that at face value, so I passed over it for the time being, and continued browsing. Before long, though, I came across another link that took me to a fan drawing which said that her last name was: "Leighton!" (Huh?)

I decided to probe the matter a little deeper. I searched Google Images for Penny, under both names. For Forrester, I turned up the webpage I mentioned before, and an online review of the movie itself. For Leighton, I could only find the fan drawing I already mentioned. Thus, my investigation came to a close. My conclusion: Penny's last name is "Forrester."

Wow! I thought. I actually found out what no other fan apperently has!

My next move: I signed up for an account on this wiki and entered the data into the article. Now, it's there for all to see. Thank me if you'd like.

~Jay Hawk