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Sofia meets her future self-character as part of her school assignment.

New Locations:

Ramblingham: The major city and capitol town of Enchancia. Inspired by the historical european cities from the 18th/19th Century such as: London, Paris, and a few other cities around Europe.


The story begins at Royal Prep on a Friday afternoon were Miss Flora is giving a new assignment called “Imagine The Future”, the students must come out with some enchanted ideas of their future imaginations using any kind of arts and music. The bell rings in the afternoon and the students are heading home.

Sofia arrives back to the Manor House where she currently lives (still in her Ruby Pink Signature Dress), walking to the living room waiting for lunch feeling a little tired.

Tilly (showing up wearing her signature dress): Hey Sofia.

Sofia: Hi Aunt Tilly.

Tilly: You look tired today, is everything OK?

Sofia: I’m fine, just relaxing a little bit while waiting for lunch.

Tilly: Sounds like you’re having another school assignment this weekend, what’s it about?

Sofia: It’s about imagining the future by using arts and music; I’m not sure how I can imagine something like that.

Tilly: If I were you Sofia, I would go to the music room and the library room to find anything to imagine.

Sofia: You really think so.

Tilly: I know so all the time. Now, I think you need to get some rest after lunch, because Sir Bartleby and Sir Maxwell are coming here to join us for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, you will rise and shine all the way to the music room and start with the assignment.

Sofia: Thank you, Aunt Tilly.

Spruce (ringing the bell): Lunch is ready You’re Highnesses.

Tilly: Thank you Spruce, we’ll be right there (heading to the dining room with Sofia for lunch).

Saturday morning at the Manor House, Sofia heads to the music room to see what she can find for her assignment. While looking around, her amulet’s ruby-pink light glows and points to a Purple/Ruby-Pink music roll.

Sofia: What does this music roll do Belly?

Belly (The Ballerina Music Box): I wish I could tell you Princess, but if you play the roll, you won’t believe what you will see.

Sofia puts the music roll into the music box and plays it. The roll starts to release magical Purple/Ruby-Pink stardusts covering the whole room. Then, Sofia hears someone playing the piano. When she got close to see who it was, it turns out to be an 18-year-old princess wearing the same dress and amulet; it’s the adult Princess Sofia.

Sofia was shocked but happy to meet her future self, and how beautiful Adult Sofia looks as a grown-up lady. They started talking about the future. Adult Sofia uses her disguised hand fan/magic wand (same wand from the game “Royal Bubble Rescue”) to open the magical gateway and takes Sofia with her on a flying journey to the future via Carpy (The Secret Library Magic Carpet).

The first trip was Enchancia, wondering how the future looks like. Adult Sofia shows Sofia around the castle looking from the sky with some good news. James is the new king of the kingdom and Jade becomes his Queen, both raised a family. King Roland and Queen Miranda retired, moved to their new room (Sofia’s room), and became grandparents.

Sofia asks about Amber, Adult Sofia takes her to Ramblingham (the major city and capital town of Enchancia) with another good news. Amber married Lord Gilbert’s son (Lady Joy’s big brother). They became Duke and Duchess Of Ramblingham, and raised a family.

Sofia asks about Ruby, Adult Sofia takes her to Tangu were Zandar is the new king of the kingdom and Ruby becomes his Queen. Both raised a family. Sergeant Fizz retires and appoints Kazeem to take his place as the new Sergeant of the Genie Patrol.

Sofia asks about Cedric, Adult Sofia takes her to Royal Prep where he became a part-time teacher at Royal Prep’s Sorcery Class. He married Miss Elodie (still teaching dance class and theatrical plays), retired and appointed his niece Calista to take his place as the new Royal Sorceress Of Enchancia, approved by the king. Cedric and Miss Elodie’s new home is located at the Mystic Meadows.

Sofia asks about Lucinda, Adult Sofia gives her the answer by taking her to Hexley Hall, wondering what this location has to do with Lucinda. Adult Sofia uses her wand to show Sofia the story.

Adult Sofia: It all started a few months after we broke Grimtrix’s crystal ball.

Sofia: Yes. I remember that. But what happened next?

Adult Sofia: Mr. Cedric’s old teacher (from the song “Never Forget The Sorcerer’s Secret”)  and Mr. Cedric (currently visiting Hexley Hall) discovered Grimtrix’s weakness after his crystal ball was broken, and found out that he was cheating all the time (in every tournament and event) before becoming the Headmaster of Hexley Hall. At the same time, Wendell (on his flying carpet) and Lucinda (on her “Raven Catcher” broom) were spending time hanging out and flying around the valley until they heard some sparkling noises coming from the main gate of the Hall. When they got closer to see what was going on, it turns out to be a magic wand battle between Mr. Cedric and his teacher vs. Grimtrix. Wendell and Lucinda came quickly to help. Together with Mr. Cedric and his teacher, they defeated Grimtrix and forced him to step down, leave, and retire. Mr. Cedric’s old teacher became the new headmaster of Hexley Hall, changed some rules such as shutting down “Prank Day”, teaching magic only for good deeds and great responsibility from now on, and adding some great magical activities (similar to Harry Potter’s Quiddich games). He thanked Mr. Cedric, Wendell, and Lucinda for all of their help. As a reward, Mr. Cedric, Wendell, and Lucinda are honorary members of the hall. A few years later, Wendell became the teacher of wizardry and Lucinda became a witchcraft teacher, and guess what Sofia.

Sofia: What?

Adult Sofia: I was invited to attend Wendell and Lucinda’s wedding ceremony at Hexley Hall, approved by their parents who were very proud of them. Both raised a family and they all lived happily ever after.

Sofia: Amazing story of the future.

Adult Sofia: It sure is. Well, time to go home.

The girls return to the present day at the Manor House music room. Sofia thanked Adult Sofia for this wonderful journey to the future. Before vanishing, Adult Sofia reminds Sofia to imagine the future the way it should be as part of the assignment. Sofia promised and cuddles Adult Sofia and said goodbye. Adult Sofia vanishes and the music box finishes the music roll it was playing all the time.

Meanwhile, Sofia asked Tilly if she can take Spruce and Cowboy Spurs with her to school and borrow The Ballerina Music Box for her assignment. Tilly gave Sofia permission and reminded her to play the music roll in a better place with enough space. Sofia said that the Royal Prep auditorium is the right place to be.

Monday morning at Royal Prep, and all of the students are showing their imaginations of the future using arts and music. The headmistresses loved it until Spruce showed up giving Miss Flora a letter from Sofia to meet her at the auditorium for the assignment. All of the students, teachers, and the headmistresses are at the auditorium to see Sofia waiting on stage with the music box on a table next to her, and Spruce backstage opening the curtains. Sofia plays the music roll on the music box releasing the magical stardusts covering the whole auditorium.

Sofia starts talking about future imaginations by singing with the sounds of the music box until Adult Sofia appears on stage for the second time and sings with Sofia in front of everyone’s shocking eyes. Then, a grown-up person shows up on stage (in front of Hugo’s eyes) which turns out to be a 19-year-old adult Prince Hugo dancing with Adult Sofia (while singing), Sofia (while singing) waves to Hugo to step on stage and dance with her.

Later (in the middle of the song), other grown-up students appear on stage and around the auditorium as follows: Adult Amber playing her harp and her flute, Adult James playing his drums, Adult Vivian playing her mandolin, Adult Desmond playing his accordion, Adult Jun playing her panpipe, Adult Khalid playing his Cello, Adult Kari playing her violin, Adult Hildegard and Adult Clio doing the princess dance with their hand fans. Everyone loved their future self-characters.

Finally, Sofia and Adult Sofia end the song with a last few lyrics and a last few steps of their dance with Hugo and Adult Hugo, the audience loved it. Miss Flora gives Sofia an A+ for this excellent assignment, and decided to give the students a chance to meet their future self-characters around Royal Prep’s landscape with longer recess.

During long recess, Amber still cannot believe her eyes when meeting with Adult Amber, so as Hildegard and Clio when meeting with Adult Hildegard and Adult Clio. Vivian and Adult Vivian playing with their mandolins, Desmond and Adult Desmond playing with their accordions, James and the rest of the boys are having fun playing the flying horseshoe toss (from the episode “Tri-Kingdom Picnic”) with Adult James and the rest of the grown-up boys.

Hugo was walking around looking for Sofia until he saw her sitting in front of the school pond with Adult Sofia and Adult Hugo. Spruce (while guarding and holding the Ballerina Music Box) encouraged Hugo to join them, and he did. Now, both pairs (Sofia&Hugo, Adult Sofia&Adult Hugo) are having a great time talking about the future and some great memories. A few minutes later, Sofia and Adult Sofia’s amulets secretly glows a time-out signal, and all of the future self-characters’ bodies are glowing.

Sofia: Well, I guess this means goodbye.

Adult Sofia: Yes Sofia. At least we had a great time learning everything about the future.

Sofia: That’s for sure. I’m going to miss you Sofia.

Adult Sofia: I’m going to miss you too Sofia.

Adult Hugo (whispering): Hey Hugo, I want you to do me a favor.

Hugo: What is it?

Adult Hugo: I want you to take good care of Sofia, and make sure no one bothers her.

Hugo: I will Hugo, I promise.

The Future Self-Characters disappears, but reappears as beautiful art boards floating into every student’s hands to take it with them home as a memory. Sofia and Hugo looking at each other and their art boards.

Ending Credits Background: Tilly’s Manor House, Royal Prep.

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