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"All is Revealed" is the third episode of Humanity.


A masquerade party is thrown at the sanctuary, the guests are unaware that the owners are turning them into stone. Luna Noir reveals her true self to Bill Cipher.


Bill Cipher refers to Charlie and Donna's indiscretion as "minor infractions". He notes to Kim that he was surprised to find her in the sanctuary and she contends that she is not "powerful enough" to stop him. Luna Noir insists that she had no dark urges within her, but Cipher grabs her arm in an attempt to continue examining her. Finally losing control Luna screams for him to let go and telekinetically throws him across the room. Cipher then lunges at her, and exposes his true form. However, an unflinching Luna retaliates by shooting flames out of the fireplace near him. Later, Cipher calls guidance for his Henchmaniacs. He says he thought he "destroyed them all" but "one survived".

Minerva explains her memories to Veronica Mulligan. Mulligan admits that she has not been selected to move on the facility. Minerva suggests they turn the other inhabitants of the sanctuary into stone and venture to the facility on their own. In the ruins of Minnesota, Finn stumbles upon a pair of survivors while searching for Amanda Burelson. The two claim no knowledge of the sanctuary's location, Finn attacks the pair. He then beholds a horse-back carriage pass him by. Mulligan and Minerva found a trunk and they found stone crabs.

Luna ponders her unknown nature and Mulligan calls for a meeting. Mulligan announces that they will be celebrating Halloween in the form of a masquerade ball. Amanda suspects the ball to be a ruse for announcing who has been chosen to be in the facility. At the ball, a masked figure approaches Amanda, presuming the man to be Cipher. In her room, the figure takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Finn. She feigns happiness for the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, but Finn incapacitates her out.

After everyone has had a chance to bob for crabs, the yellows and the blacks feast on them together. Mulligan and Minerva have injected stone crabs with CarbFix, and the inhabitants all turned into stone. The pair seeks out Cipher in his bedroom, and Mulligan tells him that they will be making the selections. Cipher calls Mulligan "perfect" for the facility but Mulligan urges Minerva to erase him regardless. A perplexed and devastated Minerva is unable to and erases Mulligan instead. Cipher consoles her by revealing that she was modelled after someone dear to him from his childhood.

Eda Clawthorne, King, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Stan Pines, Ford Pines, and Pacifica Northwest descend upon the sanctuary. Eda casts a spell to unstone her "allies": Luz Noceda, Amity Blight, and Kikimora. Pacifica straddles a bewildered Luz and remarks "surprise Luz, we're here to help".