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"Betrayer" is the seventh episode of Humanity.


Stan Pines and Ford Pines recruits their old friend at high school Harmony Stevens, an actress who has mind control abilities, to find out what Tyler and Richard are thinking about their plans with Bill Cipher.


Kikimora is performing a spell on a man who is guilty for cheating on his wife. Kikimora gets paid by his wife and surprised her with a heart which she put on the cauldron, together with some of the concoctions. After forcing her husband to swallow the potion, Kikimora leaves and is confronted outside by Eda Clawthorne. She reveals that she needs Kikimora's help with summoning Emperor Belos in order to stop Bill Cipher.

On the set of a fantasy movie, a sorceress actress Harmony Stevens is visited by Mabel Pines. The actress is needed back within The Boiling Isles to use her power of mind control on Tyler and Richard. Meanwhile, Eda and Kikimora summon Emperor Belos who is accompanied by Li'l Gideon. Eda tells Belos about preparing a trap for Bill: banishing him to the Nightmare Realm forever. Belos demands the souls of all her allies in return but Eda refuses and Belos disappears.

At The Owl House, Amity Blight discovers her new power, she can now guess the right of scroll content. While swimming at a lake, Amity begins drowning, but Luz Noceda saves her life. Dipper Pines thinks it's Luz than Bill who's responsible for Eda's powers decreasing. Harmony prepares a meal and dines with Tyler, Richard, Stan Pines, and Ford Pines. Harmony learns about the planned capture of warlock Cato and about the warlocks' urge to kill all the allies through her powers.

The group travels to the gas station where Cato was turned to stone in order for Luz to unstone him. Luz brings the warlock back and therefore accomplishes her last task of the test. Pacifica Northwest is given the task of tracking down Minerva, who turned Cato into stone. When Pacifica confronts the worshipper, Minerva tranquilizes her but Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland appear and kidnap Minerva. Willow Park and Gus Porter kidnap Tyler and Richard, who were planning on capturing them. Along with Minerva, the warlocks are erased by Cato for their betrayals.