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"Cipher's Backstory" is the sixth episode of Humanity.


Amity Blight, King, and Harrison traveled to Gravity Falls, Oregon to figure out the backstory behind Bill Cipher.


Amity Blight, King, and Harrison purchase The Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, which is still standing for several years. Arriving at the shack, the three perform a spell which will allow them to contact with Cipher's family.

In the living room, Will Cipher and Valeria Cipher are talking about the frustration at being ignored by the Nightmare Realm. They are interrupted by Amity, King, and Harrison, who announce to learn about Bill Cipher's origins, but both refuse to speak. Amity is then attacked by the garden gnomes, but King subdues them. Illumana Cipher, Will and Valeria's mother, appears and states that she is the new owner of the shack.

Amity, King, and Harrison express their desire to talk about Bill. Illumana says that she will talk only if they rid her rival Eli from the shack. They unearth Eli's escape gear from the backyard and buries them. Eli is released from her earthly hold and greeted by her mother Portia. The two walked away peacefully.

Illumana tells the story of Bill Cipher to Amity, King, and Harrison, revealing that his father is the Illuminati. After she gave birth, she raised him as her own, believing she had given the chance at being a mother. However, Bill quickly becomes powerful, first sending dangerous creatures and eventually turning his servants into stone at age of three. Soon after, Bill aged ten years overnight and appears as a teenager. Bill attacked Illumana, then turned a chambermaid into a tapestry from whom she sought help. With her dreams of motherhood shattered, Illumana sacrifices herself.

Amity, King, and Harrison approach Will. He tells the three that a brother-brother relationship developed between the two, much to Valeria's disappointment. However, Bill learned that the Illuminati is his father and grew darker. Will witnessed Bill turning people into stone and permanently expelling the spirits out of existence. Afterwards, Will ended their sessions. At this point Valeria appears and reconciles with Will.

Valeria tells the story of a group of worshippers who arrived at the forest, consisting of Minerva, Crowe, and founder Wendigi. The worshippers kidnapped a young man and brought him to perform a sacrifice. Valeria failed in her attempt to erase Bill, and narrowly escapes the destruction of her spirit through the intervention of Will. Valeria tells Amity, King, and Harrison that Bill Cipher is not a warlock but the new Illuminati. Amity, King, and Harrison then depart the shack.