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"Existential Threat" is the first episode of Humanity.


Seven survivors of the end of the world were taken to a secret sanctuary founded by the leader of an organization.


In the future, an heiress Amanda Burelson gets a hair appointment at a hair salon for her haircut with Garrett Newman. After it's done, people are being warned by a mysterious fire alarm impending on an nuclear holocaust that will be arriving in 2 hours. Amanda escapes with Garrett, her assistant Luna Noir, and Garrett's aunt Alma Newman, but leaving her boyfriend Finn behind. The four got on a plane and a nuclear bomb hits, destroying the city. Several other cities are also destroyed.

Charlie is also evacuated, without his family, by the agents from an organization called The World Crisis. After being evacuated he meets another chosen survivor Donna.

One week later, the nuclear bomb has affected the end of the world and was under a protection of fog. Charlie and Donna are taken to the sanctuary in Minnesota. The sanctuary's overseer Veronica Mulligan explains to them that the sanctuary has two castes: "yellows" and "blacks". Yellows are for the "elite", who would be chosen to survive. Blacks are for the servants. There are strict rules consisting of leaving the sanctuary and a bunch of zombiefied creatures in the far away lands. The "yellows" consist of Charlie, Donna, Amanda, Garrett, Alma, and Kim, a former model. Luna is "black".

They begin to run low and have enough food they can get for the last twelve months. Minerva, the sanctuary's warden, uses a detector to trace any radiation on Garrett. She then begins to punish him by taking the chickens into the sanctuary. During dinner, Luna finds bones and feathers in the meal and Garrett deduces that they are eating a real live chicken.

Over the next twelve months, Charlie and Donna begin a romantic relationship. Bill Cipher, in a human disguise, arrives to the sanctuary and tells Mulligan that the sanctuary has been overrun. Bill states that he will judge who is fit to be saved and join another sanctuary with a twenty-year food supply. Outside, Minerva brought the horses to Cipher to the sanctuary.