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"Fast Forward" is the fourth episode of Humanity.


Three years before the world has ended, Eda Clawthorne tells the story about how the warlocks found Bill Cipher.


In 2023

Bill Cipher reminisces about his earlier life with a caretaker, Minerva, a worshipper to him. Cipher says Minerva made him feel happy and protected and tells the robot Minerva that he asked for her to have his caretaker's memories in order to guide him.

Elsewhere in the sanctuary, Stan Pines and Ford Pines explained to Luz Noceda and Amity Blight that they have had identity spells placed on them to protect them, blocking their memories of who they are. Eda Clawthorne tells Luz that she is special and that the group need her to defeat Cipher. Cipher appears and told them that he already won.

In 2020

At The Boiling Isles, four warlocks Cato, Harrison, Tyler, and Richard awaits their vision featuring Cipher imprisoned in the Nightmare Realm. Tyler believes that Cipher is a warlock, while Cato thinks it is a case of dark matter. They consider a prophecy of a warlock who could supplant the witch, Eda. Tyler visits and frees Cipher.

One month later, the warlocks evaluate Cipher's power level. Cipher exceeds expectations on the first test by not locating a book hidden within a mirror, but retrieving it as well. Most are impressed, but Cato is troubled that Cipher did not follow the instructions. He similarly aces the second test by effortlessly teleporting throughout the room. Cipher then passes the third test by producing leaves inside the room.

At The Owl House, Willow Park and Gus Porter teaches a group of young witches and warlocks to change colors of the sky. Eda observes Luz change the color of the cloud pink, then making a pile of cotton candy. King enters and announces that the warlocks has called for an emergency meeting. Eda, Willow, Gus, and King teleported to where they are.

At the meeting, Tyler explains that they wish Cipher to challenge Eda. While they scoff at the idea, Tyler insists that Eda administer the test to Cipher. Eda refuses, saying that it would condemn a warlock to death. Harrison chastises her for abandoning a human named Soos Ramirez after his disappearance in Transylvania, but Eda responds that she found him imprisoned in the castle. Unable to extract Soos past through the doors of the castle, Eda realized that the castle was a portal that she was unable to overcome. Meanwhile, Cipher has a vision of the castle. He travels to Transylvania and successfully emerges from the castle with Soos.

In the Nightmare Realm, Pacifica Northwest experiences her personal life in the farmhouse. Cipher arrives and is surprised to see that Pacifica is self-aware of her existence. Soos appears and explains to Pacifica that Cipher has travelled to the realm to retrieve her. Cipher says he needs the two to prove a point. At the Boiling Isles, as Eda and the trio make plans to return in the house, Eda experiences a strange feeling. The group traveled to Oregon, where Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Ford, and Stan returned and Cipher greets them with Pacifica and Soos. Upon seeing them, Eda faints.