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"Fight Then" is the tenth and final episode of Humanity.


Eda Clawthorne and her allies now faced off against Bill Cipher, and they have to face the ultimate sacrifice.


Stan Pines and Ford Pines infiltrates Harold Clarke and Don Jameson's lab to ensure Amity Blight has her place in the sanctuary after the end of the world. Stan, Ford, and Eda Clawthorne cast identity spells on Luz Noceda and Amity so they can live in the sanctuary undetected by Bill Cipher. When Luz's powers emerge, the spells will be broken so she, Dipper Pines, and Mabel Pines can perform a time-travel spell using an Interdimensional Rift and go back in time to erase Bill before he can initiate the end of the world. Pacifica Northwest realizes that Kikimora betrayed the group to Bill. Eda decides to commit revenge after the end of the world.

After the end of the world; following the events of their arrival to the sanctuary, Kikimora asserts her loyalty to Bill, but her predecessor Lilith Clawthorne, has been released by Emperor Belos in exchange for Kikimora's banishment. Lilith banished Kikimora, Bill summons the Henchmaniacs, and Eda detonates the robot Minerva. With Bill distracted, Pacifica incapacitates him.

Before Bill can be awoken, Eda, Ford, and Stan take Luz, Dipper, and Mabel to a safe place to begin the spell, but Luz is incapacitated by Finn leaving her too weak to perform the spell. Ford erases Finn's memories with a quantum destabilizer as he gets incapacitated, distracting Pacifica long enough for Bill to wake up. After waking up, Bill banishes Pacifica, turns Lilith into a tapestry, and turns Amity into stone. Facing her last stand, Eda sacrifices herself to surpass her powers to Wake Luz up and be able to initiate the spell and together Luz, Dipper, and Mabel went through an Interdimensional Rift.

Luz, Dipper, and Mabel arrived to 30,000 B.C., and begins to slowly erase Bill while Illumana Cipher watches and leaves him to die, erasing the timeline of his uprising to power.

They went back to 2020 where the world and the people has been revived. They arrive at The Owl House where they reunite with a revived Eda, a revived Willow Park, a revived Gus Porter, and a revived Amity. With the timeline altered, Ford and Stan never got their chance to reunite with Dipper and Mabel and a revived Pacifica remains in the farmhouse. Luz also prevents a revived Soos Ramirez from going to Transylvania to avoid his imprisonment. Out of gratitude to Luz, Dipper, and Mabel for dispatching Bill; Wendy Corduroy, accompanied by Li'l Gideon, was released from her life from the grasslands and returns to Gravity Falls.

In 2022, a revived Charlie and Donna, selected by the sanctuary in the previous timeline, meet. Three years later, they have a child, named Owen, who eventually turns his babysitter into stone similar to Bill's actions. Wendigi, Crowe, and a revived Minerva arrive at the house to meet the new Illuminati, claiming that they came for help.