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"New Recruit" is the second episode of Humanity.


Bill Cipher undercover as a human, arrives to the sanctuary and announces that he is the leader of the organization.


Donna finds her room being filled with venomous snakes and her screams alert Charlie and Minerva. Minerva rejoices at the new type of food and theorizes that the snakes might have the survived the blast. Donna asks Veronica Mulligan about the new arrival, to which she responds "all questions would be answered". The blacks lift the dinner cloches and a bunch of snakes slithered across the table.

The sanctuary guests assemble in the entrance. Bill Cipher enters and proclaims that the other compounds in Oregon, Paris, and Italy have been overrun and destroyed. He explains the evaluating candidates for survival. Those chosen will live in the facility. Those not selected would be given death vials. Garrett Newman was the first to be evaluated.

Cipher begins asking Garrett about his life. Garrett says he was in love with girls and boys, but asserts that he only loved a girl if necessary. Cipher asks Garrett about his anger towards his aunt. Garrett describes a dinner party where Alma invites her bachelors. Garrett arrived in 70s disco clothing and Alma never attempted to tame him. Garrett asks if Cipher loves someone, but Cipher suspends the remainder of the conversation.

Elsewhere, Charlie and Donna sneak into Cipher's room and discover his functional laptop. They find displayed on screen emails detailing Mulligan against protocol and change her rules. Cipher visits Mulligan and inquires her violations. Mulligan insists that she was given classified instructions. She also insists that none of her charges are worthy to move on to the facility aside from Kim, whom she admits she knows little of. She asks him if she has passed his test and he says no.

Kim reflects on the song playing in the lounge and Amanda Burelson mocks her nostalgia. Garrett confronts Alma about turning him in and she retorts that he does not deserve to be a survivor and accepting him is not in her nature.

Charlie and Donna speculate on the true purpose of their saving and cast aspersions on Mulligan's rules. Garrett broods in the lounge and follows a mysterious garden gnome. Cipher appears in the doorway and turns Alma into stone. Minerva intrudes a sleeping Charlie and Donna and drags them away. They confront Mulligan about her self-imposed rules and she sends them away. Minerva takes them into a chamber where Charlie fights her in an escape attempt. She staggers away and her wound reveals wires and electricity.