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"Outlook" is the eighth episode of Humanity.


With Bill Cipher's allies banished from Earth, he goes to a temple devoted to his followers and even befriended a bunch of scientists who was hired to create a cyborg replica of Minerva.


Bill Cipher realizes that Minerva, Tyler, and Richard have been erased. He is then confronted by Eda Clawthorne, who tells him that she has prevented Bill for resurrecting Minerva, but also insists that Bill still has capacity for good. Bill dismisses her, threatening to capture every ally. Wandering into the forest, a distressed Bill draws a eye of providence symbol on the ground with a rock. Pleading for guidance, he threatens to remain in the forest until he received a message. Two days pass, a weak and starving Bill receives visions and hallucinations.

Weakened, Bill stumbled upon a chapel. The high priestess, Lois, berates her fellow worshippers for their relatively unimpressive feats of chaos, believing that the world must become significantly wicked in order to encourage the arrival of the Illuminati. A member of the worshippers, Genesis, takes pity on Bill observing that he is undernourished and lost. After chapel, she takes him home with her to recover.

At Genesis' home, Genesis claimed to have everything she wants because she made a deal the Illuminati. Bill mocks her for her views and she attempts to banish him until he presents the eye of providence on the back of his neck, proving himself as the Illuminati. Back at the chapel, Lois presents two people for their banishment to the Nightmare Realm when Genesis interrupts and presents Bill, who confirms his identity and is hailed by the members. Bill proceeds to banish the two people offered up for chaos.

The members host a dinner for Bill, who admits that he has no plan for bringing the end of the world. Genesis offers her services to him, but Bill tells her he only desires Minerva's resurrection. Genesis takes Bill to a science lab run by other worshippers, Harold Clarke and Don Jameson. Veronica Mulligan is revealed to be Harold and Don's PA. Bill is mocked by Harold and Don for unintimidating, until he uses his powers to turn their lab tech into a tapestry. Harold and Don pledge themselves to Bill, who presents with the task of recreating Minerva. Minerva's android replica is represented to Bill; she wakes and immediately recognizes Bill.