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"Spell Test" is the fifth episode of Humanity.


Eda Clawthorne agrees to let Bill Cipher do the test as a warlock, because she wants to know how powerful he is.


Eda Clawthorne awakens in The Boiling Isles and joyfully greets Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines. Eda details her end of the world vision to the witches, warlocks, and the rest of the group. She agrees to administer the test for Bill Cipher so he may rise as the new warlock.

Returning to The Owl House, Ford Pines chides Eda for allowing a man to take position as a warlock, claiming that men make terrible leaders. He suggests that Eda select one of her own, such as Luz Noceda, who, as Ford witnessed, successfully healing the wound and restored youth. Eda confesses to Ford that she is dying. Her powers are beginning to fade, the sign that her reign is coming to an end. Later, Eda meets with Pacifica Northwest and Stan Pines. She believes that coming to the Owl House is a waste of time, but Eda assures her that she will develop and grow. She asks Luz to show Pacifica around the house.

Tyler, Harrison, Cato, and Richard cast a protection spell for Cipher in preparation for the test. Cato, believing that Cipher is the demonic eyeball from Eda's vision after Cipher shows Cato a glimpse of his true form, becomes fearful and leaves the Boiling Isles to go to Mexico, despite Harrison's attempt to stop him. At the gas station, Minerva pulls over and turns Cato into stone before he can warn anybody. She meets up with Cipher outside the Boiling Isles. Minerva is excited to see him. Cipher aggressively asks if she took care of the problem. She confirms Cato has turned to stone. Cipher says these people are the only ones that can pose a threat to him. When he becomes a warlock, he can destroy the Pines from within and ascend to do "what he was born to do". Minerva reveals that Tyler was in on the plan to turn in on Cato. He is the one that let her know when he was leaving.

Cipher successfully passes six of the tests. Before performing the seventh, descending to and returning to the Nightmare Realm, Eda asks Cipher to not only return but to retrieve Wendy Corduroy to see the extent of his powers. Tyler angrily accuses Eda of changing the rules in order for Cipher to fail, comparing her to her enemy Emperor Belos. Eda reminds Tyler that he is still a ruler and holds greater power over Tyler.

Cipher agrees to the challenge. He travels to the Nightmare Realm and locates Wendy, who has been trapped in her personal life working at the grasslands. Cipher reawakens in the Boiling Isles with Wendy appearing beside him. Cipher gloats over his achievements while Eda experiences a nosebleed. She proclaims Cipher as the next warlock.

As Eda recovers, Wendy confides in her that she should have been left where she was. Wendy tells Eda that the evil within the Nightmare Realm appeared to speak to Cipher, which Eda's assumes was negotiation for Wendy's release. Wendy then describes Bill as wearing "the perfume of death". Eda assures that she now has proof of Cipher's capacity for evil and rejoices that she now has all of her friends together so that they might fight against Cipher in the upcoming end of the world.

Emira and Edric Blight arrives to the Owl House and has given each person a present. Eda pulls Amity Blight aside and instructs her to gather information about Cipher. Harrison, eavesdropping on the conversation, says that he will be joining Amity as he has concerns of his own about Cipher. Eda asks Amity to travel to the place "where it all began": The Mystery Shack.