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"World Order" is the ninth episode of Humanity.


After Bill Cipher and Minerva wipes off Wendy Corduroy, Soos Ramirez, Willow Park, Gus Porter, and Harmony Stevens, they planned to end the world with the help of Harold Clarke and Don Jameson. Meanwhile, Eda Clawthorne reveals the spell of time travel to her allies.


Kikimora breaks a protective spell that Eda Clawthorne placed on The Owl House letting Bill Cipher, Minerva, and the Henchmaniacs in. They turned most of the people into stone, including Soos Ramirez, Wendy Corduroy, Willow Park, Gus Porter, and Harmony Stevens, but Eda, Stan Pines, Ford Pines, and Luz Noceda escapes. Bill meets with Harold Clarke and Don Jameson, who tell him that the sanctuary is a new name for the Illuminati, an organization of elites of worshippers that exchanged worldly gifts, and want to end the world. Harold and Don give Veronica Mulligan the job of administrator of the sanctuary.

Eda, Stan, Ford, and Luz with Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Amity Blight, and Pacifica Northwest, take refuge in The Mystery Shack. Eda tries and fails to unstone the five other allies, and Amity reveals that Cipher has the capability to erase them from existence. Ford reveals that there might be a way to bring the fallen allies back in the form of time-travel spell, but Stan mentions that every attempt to perform the spell has resulted in death. Ford believes Luz to be capable of performing the spell, and asks to travel back in time to save Amelia Earhart, from her disappearance in Nikumaroro. Luz successfully travels back in time, but is unable to save Amelia.

Eda contemplates dying to let Luz rise as a witch, and therefore be able to perform the spell. Stan and Ford discourages her, certain that she has some fight left. They traveled to The Boiling Isles to seek aid from Cato and Harrison, only to find them turned into tapestries.

Bill meets with the sanctuary, and they begin to plan the end of the world.