This is my current list of dreams or goals that I have for my life, involving Disney:

  1. To watch every Disney movie made, as possible -- I haven't been able to find a copy of the Disney Channel Premiere Movie, Just Like Mr. Sunny, so this dream may just have to get to a point of close enough to complete within reason. If copies can't be found ANYWHERE, they can't be watched and I don't think it should really count against me 
  2. To own a nearly full set of Disney movies -- Apart from the ones that are unavailable like the one mentioned above, I would like to have a copy of every major Disney movie. I love to kick back and watch movies at home, so if I could have every major animated feature, live action film, and DCOM, I would be a really happy camper
  3. To visit every Disney Park -- So far I've been able to visit both major U.S. parks, but I still want to hit up Aulani at some point. I really want to go to every park overseas, but I'm unsure when this will be possible. 
  4. To ride or watch ride footage of, every Disney Park attraction possible -- I've been doing this a lot with my YouTube lately. I've been looking up ride footage of extinct attractions, such as The Making of Me, which was a short film attraction in EPCOT about reproduction. I've also been watching old parade videos, like Mickey Mania. 
  5. Have a really amazing collection of Disney books -- I've been well on my way with this one for many years now, but I'm not quite to where I want to be. I would like to collect all the "Art of" books (right now I have one), and I would also like to collect books from my favorite Disney movies (ex: Atlantis the Lost Empire). I would also like to try to pick up collected volumes of various Disney comics and try to build up a full collection of books from the Wonderful World of Reading series. Eventually, I'll probably be digging around second hand book stores and hanging around Ebay a lot to try to find some of those older books
  6. Plush Collection -- I love Disney plushes. I have a lot and continue to buy more...but I also know how to sew and have begun making my own very small felt plushes. Eventually I would like to make a collection of felt plush characters from the major Disney films. I'd also like to move into making larger, fluffier plushes out of a different fabric. I also want to keep adding to my collection of Disney Store plushes. 

Evaluating myself based on my responses, I can see that I'm kind of a collector in the worst way. I can't seem to settle on just ONE thing, because I...really just can't. It's too hard and I know it will most likely drive my boyfriend crazy eventually if I don't find a very effective way to make it all look super nice visually. He'll hate if it is too cluttered so...side goal is to find awesome ways to store and display all these things I'm planning to collect over time. 

What about you guys? Do you have any Disney Dreams you'd like to fulfill? I'd love to hear them! 

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