I'm no fake friend when you mention poor wild canines having at least a few true friends who try to save them, my compassion of what wild canines go through isn't fake either. I can even learn from books of the wild canines or their cool stuff seen on site like Google. But I've also studied the science in both Magazine and non-fiction novel books of Canidae. With poor Tabaqui it doesn't matter if you're mentiong the fiction books or the majority of his TV scenes or even ancient tales of golden jackals from Asia I can tell how he's misunderstood  in stuff such as his relationship with the tiger, and his actioins near the wolves, it's not only compassion helping see how poor Tabaqui's scenes are misunderstood it's my sincere insight of canines' communication as well recognizing some of action from non-fiction photo as well as knowing what he has common with the wolves plus what he has in common with his far away coyote consin. It's Reirei scenes that made Tabaqui's scenes clearer for me. He's  not accurately friend or ally he's a companion who doesn't want the tiger angry enough to swipe and injure him, you don't have to like each other to be companion but you support each other if you're true friends. The mean tiger in this fiction tale just forces Tabaqui to follow. However there are old tales of golden jackals wanting a tiger's den so that shows naturally Tabaqui's being cautious, he'd also be cautious whle naturally scavenging what a tiger drops, and read enough science of the Omnivore canines and you discover Tabaqui would even be pleased to be enemy to Kaa.  Like Reirei does Tabaqui mainly wonders where to go to find prey for survival not for a cruel reason.

The Jungle Book doesn't respect real nature this author just shares his imagination and added some of the meanest legends being mean to those like the golden jackal and the dhole for sure. I mention the movies that disrespect nature like the live action sequel of the Jungle Book because it's true that some real cruel foes of misunderstood wild canines see the movies and then suddenly become really cranky with their hatred of the wild canine increased and the foes who become mad this fast usually want to hurt the wild canines again, that's what has made me speak earlier than the release date of this movie.

What I dislike the most is nearly every video creator who wrote roles for him has treated Tabaqui as rude as people first treated the wolf in fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, the tales like those just say mean false stuff. But There are still people mean enough to poach wild canines. Such live action, Tabaqui's reputation could worsen and his species could start struggling probably more than the coyotes are struggling currently including sadly being hit by stuff such as snowmobiles in America.

I love all wild canines, and with compassion plus loyalty I'm willing to look at the consequences of how make believe stories treat their family. But fussing and choosing to rudely show poor Tabaqui as a hyena it turns out the majority the peopole aren't looking at the consequences they're just wishing to rudely laguh at his misudnerstood species some more and that's seriously a clear sign a disrespect. Poor dholes who've lost lots of range sadly face the same serious problem with this film

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