Sofia hasn't tested the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo spell, just like Cinderella's fairy godmother did. So with the help of her friend, Sonic the Hedgehog and his girlfriend, Amy Rose, she ran back in time to help Cinderella get ready for the ball without rags, and test the spell. She tells Cinderella that she has to leave until midnight, and everything will be exactly as it was before.


Since the last seasons, Cedric and Sofia has tested spells and magic. everyone else around the world has tested their own.

One day, Sofia was exercising in her bedroom. By stretching, she wanted to fully enjoy protecting the Ever Realm, giving each story a happy ending, and winning a sport without some pulled-muscle slowing her down. She found a note sitting on the desk. She read, "Run back in time and help Cinderella get to the ball. test this spell: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!" She felt the sound of the blue wind surrounding her. There stood...

Sofia: Sonic! Amy! Amy: Hiya, Sofia! Sonic: Long time no see! Sofia: How'd you get here? Amy: Well, I wasn't sure if there's another world like yours. We came from Sonic's own world. Sonic: I saw ya pick up this note. Sofia: Yeah... I've always thought of doing this. I mean, I've never done it before. Sonic: Well, it might be nice to use those jewels.

Sofia saw two Chaos Emeralds. One held by Sonic is a fake yellow, and the other is a fake red.

Sofia: Chaos Emeralds? Amy: Yup. Sonic: With their powers, Shadow controls time and space.

Sofia wondered if it would work with her amulet.

Sofia: My amulet somehow teleported me to a destination to help another princess. So maybe Chaos Control might work with it.

Together Sonic and Amy raised their emeralds as Sofia raised her amulet connecting to each other.

Sonic, Amy and Sofia: CHAOS CONTROL!

A big portal appeared.

Sofia: It worked! Sonic: Definitely. So do you mind if we join you? Amy: It might be the first time I've ran back in time. PLEASE? Sofia: Be my guests.

One by one, Sofia, Sonic, and Amy jump into the wormhole to Cinderella's Chateau.

At the Chateau, The Jaq, Gus and two other mice were watching Cinderella's tears, when Gus sensed some energetic power.

Gus: U-Uh, I feel some strange energy.

Sofia, Sonic and Amy appeared as the bright light of their teleportation blinded the mice, Bruno, and Major. Jaq and Gus took a peek.

Jaq & Gus: What is that?!

As Cinderella turned around as she stopped crying, she saw Sofia and Sonamy standing there.

Cinderella: Sofia?! Sonic?! Amy?! Amy: Hiya, Cindy! Sonic: Long time no see! Sofia: Cinderella, don't you remember? My amulet once called you to help me. This is just like old times: "When a princess is in trouble, another will come to help." Cinderella: Goodness! How far have I come back!? What happened to your amulet? Sofia: I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but there used to be a princess trapped inside my amulet. Cinderella: You mean... Princess Elena? Sofia: Yes, and after I freed her, it turned from purple to pink! Ever since it changed colors, I'm in control of the powers. Cinderella: And what's with the bracelet? Sofia: You mean my Enchantlet? I got that from the Mystic Isles. There's more Enchantlets protectors of the Ever Realm wear. Cinderella: Now I see what your two jobs are! Your Storekeeper of the Secret Library and Protector of the Ever Realm, aren't you! Sofia: Yes, but no time for chit-chat, time to get you ready fast. Sonic: Yeah, bring it on. Amy: Yeah, let's hurry, because even miracles take a little time. Cinderella: Miracles? Sofia: Uh-huh. (to herself) So, what's my move? the first thing we need is a giant orange vegetable from your patch. Cinderella: But, uh, a pumpkin? Sofia: Uh-huh. okay... Now, the magic words... uh... Oh! (pulls out a wand) AHEM!

Sofia tests the spell "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" as she and Sonamy sang together.

Alright, guys.
A one...
A two...
A one, two, three, four!

Menchicka boola
Put 'em together
And what have you got?

Menchicka boola
It'll do magic
Believe it or not

Now salago-doola means
Menchicka boole-roo
But the thingmabob
That does the job
Is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo


Menchicka boola
Put 'em together
And what have you got?
(trials off)

Sofia: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOO!

While casting the spell, Sofia turned the pumpkin into a carriage.

Gus: Ooh! Pretty, pretty! Jaq: One of these, really? Huh? Cinderella: Wow, you improved your magic skills, huh, Sof? Sofia: If you say so. I've been practicing, too. Anyway, next few things we'll need are... Mice. Gus: U-uh, mice?! Amy: Hahaha, and there's mice. Sofia: Why, we have a coach and four that we'll do. Just a wave with my stick and finish the trick. Bibbidi-bobbidi-Boo!

As casting the spell again, she missed one mouse while turning the others into horses.

Sofia: Oops! What did I do?! I thought there were four. There should be one more... (sees Gus from behind the carriage) Hahaha, there you are!

Gus tried to escape, but Cinderella saw some trouble ahead of him.

Cinderella: (gasps) Gus! Watch out!!

But Sofia casts the spell on Gus turning him into a horse just as Lucifer trapped Gus in a cup.

Sofia: (quickly) Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Gus scared Lucifer away.

Cinderella: (giggles) Oh, poor Lucifer. Sonic: Yeah, serves him right, I'd say. Sofia: Let's see now, where was I? (hums the "I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts) Oh yes. We'll need a driver for your horse. Cinderella: Another one? Sofia: Tonight, for the change, he will have the reins. And he'll sit in the driver's seat, too. But instead of a horse, why, a coachman of course. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Casting the spell, Sofia turned Major into a coachman and placed him on the seat in front of the coach.

Sofia: That does it I guess, except for... Oh yeah. The finishing touch, and... that's you. There. Cinderella: Bruno? Sofia: That's right. He'll be Footman, tonight. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Casting the spell again, Sofia turned Bruno into a footman.

Sonic: Looks like you need dress repairing, huh, Cindy? Amy: Yeah, it looks a little... beat-up.

Cinderella just shook her head, smiling.

Sofia: Okay... Let's see, ma'am. There's your size, and the shade of your eyes... Mmhmm. Something simple, but daring, too. (giggles) Sonic: Leave it to me! Amy: Leave it to me! Sofia: Leave it to me, with a gown this will be!

Sofia cast one last spell giving Cinderella a new gown, just like her Fairy Godmother did.

Sofia: Bibbidi-Bobbidi... Bibbidi-Bobbidi... Bibbidi-Bobbidi... BOO! Cinderella: Oh, it's a beautiful dress. (to Jaq, Gus, two other mice, Major and Bruno) Did you ever see such a beautiful dress? And look - Glass Slippers! Sofia: I saw those before.

Cinderella started flirting with Sofia, giving her a Big hug.

Sofia: GAH?! Cinderella: (screams in excitement) Who knew another princess like you would help me?! I DO remember the time I helped you! It IS like old times!

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