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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey guys. As you can see, I thought up another blog idea. This time it’s about Cassandra from the Tangled show. I was kinda shocked and a little disappointed that Cassandra turned bad at the end of Destinies Collide. And like most of you, I am itching to know why. Since we don’t know when the 3rd season is coming out, I figured I might as well write down my guesses now. These are events and moments throughout the show that I think may have led up to the betrayal inside Cassandra’s mind. And remember, I am not criticizing Rapunzel for her actions, I am writing this from Cassandra’s perspective.

    Challenge of the Brave is the most notable example, I can think of-in fact, Cassandra actually admitted it in sort of a way. In the beginning of the …

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey everyone. 25 years ago, Walt Disney Pictures released a huge fan favorite classic, The Lion King. It became the highest grossing 2-D animated film, it had great musical numbers, and even its initial home video sales made it seem like NOTHING else was for sale! I knew The Lion King was popular, but that was...well, a cool fact that blew me away. And now this summer, we have gotten a live-action remake. I just saw it today with my friends. Normally we would usually go on our anticipated movies’ opening weekends, but I think we all know tickets would have gotten sold out too easily. And what did I think of it? Well...let’s take a look.

    I have to admit, I actually enjoyed it. I’d say it’s right up there with The Jungle Book as my favorite l…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey everyone. Ratigan6688 here. I have decided to list my favorite moments from each Disney classic film. Package films (except for Winnie the Pooh), Pixar films, direct to video films, and live action films are not included in the list. And I am just going to list moments instead of discussing them since there are SO many of the classics. So let’s get to it.

    • Snow White And The Seven Dwarves: Heigh Ho
    • Pinocchio: Pinocchio coming to life, I guess.
    • Dumbo: Can’t decide between Casey Junior or Pink Elephants On Parade
    • Bambi: The stag fight with Ronno
    • Cinderella: Bruno chasing away Lucifer
    • Alice In Wonderland: The Tea Party, I guess.
    • Peter Pan: Any scene with the Tick Tock Crocodile
    • Lady and the Tramp: Tramp dealing with the rat
    • Sleeping Beauty: Hmmm...…
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  • Ratigan6688

    Ok guys. It has been almost a week since I have seen Pixar's new blockbuster Toy Story 4. I initially wasn't greatly looking forward to it mainly because the 3rd film ended on an emotionally perfect note and I thought this one existed just to cash in the successes of the other Toy Story films rather than out of passion. But I decided to try to be open to it and see if Pixar could pull off a rare 4th entry in a series. The results...well, let's take a look.

    I'd probably say my opinion on this movie (for now at least) is kind Nothing great, nothing awful as far as I can tell. However, some of my original thoughts before ended up coming back before this film was coming up. The main reason is because its story and messages I felt have…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey guys. It is I, Ratigan6688 again. I have been thinking a bit about our upcoming 4th story of toys coming this summer. I am curious about it like any upcoming movie. However, I will admit there are some things about it’s story that I feel a bit worried about based on some of the clips and trailers I have seen. What are they? Let’s find out.

    1. There was an article I came across that said Tim Allen could not get through recording the last scene because it was an apparent “moment in history.” I am not sure if it’s a good moment or a bad moment. One of my guesses is that one of the characters may have been, er....killed off. I doubt Toy Story fans would approve of that. Maybe it is a parting goodbye. What I am hoping is that it doesn’t invo…

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