Hey guys. As you can see, I thought up another blog idea. This time it’s about Cassandra from the Tangled show. I was kinda shocked and a little disappointed that Cassandra turned bad at the end of Destinies Collide. And like most of you, I am itching to know why. Since we don’t know when the 3rd season is coming out, I figured I might as well write down my guesses now. These are events and moments throughout the show that I think may have led up to the betrayal inside Cassandra’s mind. And remember, I am not criticizing Rapunzel for her actions, I am writing this from Cassandra’s perspective.

1. Getting overshadowed by Rapunzel

Challenge of the Brave 21

Challenge of the Brave is the most notable example, I can think of-in fact, Cassandra actually admitted it in sort of a way. In the beginning of the episode, she wasn’t given a lot of appreciation while doing her lady-in-waiting chores. And even when she was training for the Challenge of the Brave tournament, kids were pretty uncomfortable around her, but very delighted to see Rapunzel. On top of that, I noticed Cassandra wasn’t happy that Rapunzel was downplaying the “cool tough” stuff with her pretty female antics if you know what I mean. Cassandra also admitted that Rapunzel had indirectly ruined her chance of being respected for once, since Rapunzel did not have anything to prove since she was a princess. Yeah, things did work out in the end of this episode...but still, this is something to consider.

2. Cassandra may have found Rapunzel too nosy and annoying

Under Raps 8

If you recall, during the episode where Cassandra broke her foot, Rapunzel kept trying to give her attention and assistance. Definitely a kind trait of our long-haired princess, but the flaw was centered on the timing. You could tell by Cassandra’s facial expressions she was saying “Ugh! Would Rapunzel PLEASE just let me get some rest and leave me alone!?” And as for the nosy part, I was mostly thinking about that episode when she was “dating” that bad guy. She mentioned that Rapunzel was the kind of person who was an open book and not a secret keeper. Even though we know Rapunzel wanted to help, Rapunzel was indirectly and unintentionally disrespecting Cassandra’s personal space. We all get like that sometimes with the ones we know and care for, but sometimes we do tend to overdo it a little bit.

3. Rapunzel didn’t listen to her

Freebird 19
Rapunzel and the Great Tree (12)

Feel the burn Cassandra (literally).

During Season 2, Rapunzel’s curiousity and naive nature prevented her from listening to Cassandra, very similar to Pinocchio not listening to Jiminy (except to a darker point in the relationship). In the bird episode, Cassandra advised Rapunzel to stay away from those bird people, and look what happened; not only were they almost transformed into birds permanently, but also the men of the group. And in that great tree episode ...well, I haven’t been able to watch it as a whole, but I have read enough important information that Cassandra did not trust What’s-her-name while Rapunzel did. And in the got Cassandra hurt real badly. Maybe this was the real dark pushing point where she truly started disliking Rapunzel, or maybe this was the last straw breaking the camel’s back. I dunno. But anyway, we all have disagreements with our friend and families. My advice is don’t let them get too serious, especially the ones involving safety.

4. Cassandra may have been almost forgotten from that door

Rapunzeltopia (10)

Ok this one is just going to be brief, since I have not watched the whole Rapunzeltopia episode (sorry guys, it was just too weird to sit through), but the look on her face tells me, “Hey Rapunzel! You forgot about me!” And remember in the first part of the blog where Cassandra disliked being overlooked? That furthers it to me.

5. She was planning this all along

Tangled-before-ever-after-disneyscreencaps com-3209

Ok this one is only a guess, but my last idea suggests that she was never really friend with Rapunzel at all and that she deliberately set this whole thing in motion as part of her plan to get the Moonstone all along. After all, SHE was the one who took Rapunzel outside the wall in the first place. Maybe those other things I mentioned in this blog just made her hate Rapunzel more than just considering her an insignificant pawn. This idea has started to make me think of her as a “Prince Hans” or “Bellwether” sort of character, if you know what I mean.

And those are my theories. And remember: these are just guesses. Maybe I will turn out to be wrong. Maybe you have different theories. This was mostly to keep my mind satisfied until season 3 officially comes out. See you next time.

Evil Cassandra

Uh oh....

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