Hi everyone. It's Ratigan6688 yet again. I have been checking out a few episodes on the Tangled show, and I gotta say, it feels like the old days of Toon Disney. It feels like similar charm to The Little Mermaid and Aladdin shows. And Disney has made some other really good ones based on movies like Jungle Cubs and Timon and Pumbaa. Heck, Big Hero 6 is getting its own show! So this blog will be about some other Disney or Pixar films that would make good ideas for TV shows. Let's begin!

ToonDisney Mickey14

Just like old times!


Frozen Sing A Long Edition Disney November 8th 2014 Cover Box Art

Frozen should get its own show.

Ok I know a lot of people have gotten sick of Frozen right about now, but hey! Seeing how most of these Disney Revival films have been matching the same critical and financial successes of the early Disney Renaissance films and how Tangled got a show, I think Frozen might make a good one. After all, there have been lots of short stories in picture books and comic books showing what happens afterwards. Plus, since there are no strict parents to worry about, we can focus on how our main characters work out various issues for themselves. Also, my friend Cloverfield Monster made a blog on Olaf and Sven having their own show. Maybe Disney could use his ideas. C'mon Disney! Make it happen.


Zootopia movie poster

It's just zoo good to be true!

I must confess, I wasn't greatly anticipating Zootopia when it was coming out. I love animals, but I thought it was just going to be a plain typical cop movie. Plus, we all remember what a critical flop Disney's last CGI anthropomorphic animal film turned out( if you know which one I'm referring to) But the mixture of predudice discrimation mixed in with animal species and the emotions won me over. But hey! Zootopia could use all the cop cliches in a TV show. We could have something more sophisticated and thought out than a crazy show like TUFF Puppy but not as intense as those CSI shows. Give us some more interesting cop adventures with Judy and Nick, have a former Chief make Bogo look like an underdog before understanding how important he is, maybe have some new animals come across from faraway places like a Primate country, or reptiles; I'd love to see how crocodiles and snakes would do in the Zootopia universe. I think a Zootopia show could work out.

The Great Mouse Detective

TheGreatMouseDetective 2010 DVD

This movie is on the list, but for a different reason than you'd think.

I know, I know. Say whatever "You're just putting this on because it's your favorite" comment you want below, but GMD being my favorite isn't why I put it on this list. The more significant reason is because technically the film is based on Sherlock Holmes who has a ton of mystery stories. If it's too hard to think up a sequel movie because there are so many ideas from the Sherlock Holmes stories, do it piece by piece with a show. I had a few writer's block moments when drawing my comic books. There are just too many good ideas, I try taking them one step at a time. Disney could do the same here. Have the episodes based on stories like The Red Headed League, The Speckled Band, or even the Hound of the Baskervilles. I certainly would like that.

The Rescuers

The Rescuers Blu-ray and DVD

Bernard and Bianca to the rescue

On the subject of mice, The Rescuers films would also be a great choice! We can see them travel around the world and see more of their adventures! Infact, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers got the inspiration from the original. We could have that kind of series that gives us a taste of the good old times. Some ex-fans might think of it as a knockoff but pah! I don't care! It would still be a great show to watch! For the pilot, We could see Bernard and Bianca struggling to adjust to family life with their kids, be called back out of retirement for an urgent mission, have the kids come along out of excitement much to Bernard's dismay, have them bond on the missions-OMG! There are just so many possibilities! After all, The Rescuers is about heroic mice traveling around the world! I'd love to see that kind of show!

Inside Out


A show of everyday emotions and real life problems.

Now we're talking! Inside Out may not be a mysterious action packed adventerous movie like The Great Mouse Detective or The Rescuers, but it's not supposed to be. A lot of little kid shows show the main characters go through everday lessons; what to do about bullies (despite hating that cliche), learning to come forward with your mistakes, what to do about big changes, doing what's right, you get the idea. Maybe the Inside Out show could be for older kids too. Have the emotions talk about what should be done, throw in some comedy when they disagree, make some ironic ideas that would obviously not work-I think it's totally worth a shot. It would certainly show some high points of Riley growing up. Creativity and emotional moment are what definitely make Inside Out one of Pixar's finest!

The Incredibles

The Incredibles - Superhero Family Poster

A show with this family of superheroes would just be incredible!

Speaking of Pixar, why not The Incredibles? Superhero shows are quite common (though some I like less than others such as Ben 10). Much like my Rescuers idea, we could see the family having heroic adventures and working through family bugs as the sub plots. A lot of hero shows do that. And seeing how this family had a fair share of strained relationships in the original film, we could have some other family issues that we didn't see yet-examples would be Bob or Helen dealing with a difficult sibling, Dash having poor grades, and so on. Plus, we'd get to see some really cool supervillains and have some of the episodes mix in with some classic superhero formulas! Infact, I wouldn't be surprised if The Incredibles 2 did some of that stuff. Come on Pixar! You can do it!

And those are my ideas for Disney shows. I hope you liked this blog. Are there any that you think I missed. Feel free to share ideas of your own in the comment section below.

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