Hi guys. A little while back, my friend DisneyCWS did a blog on Disney films that he thought wasted some of their potential. So I decided, why not do one as well? I have sometimes put expectations on certain films that I have not seen before and felt dissapointed that they were not as good or great as I thought they were. This blog is about some of the most dissapointing Disney films that I thought wasted their potential. All right, let's get this overwith.

The Sword In The Stone

Make this disappear for me will ya?

If you have read my blog about my opinions on the Walt Disney films, I have called The Sword In The Stone my bottom favorite animated film with Walt Disney's personal touch. Why? Because it was a waste of time, it was pointless, mean, and just stupid as a stand alone film! It's also completely unfaithful to the book! There's no round table, no Lancelot, no Morgana LeFay, no epic quest, it's just a wizard teaching a boy lessons in rather stupid ways. Take for example the pike attack scene. Merlin doesn't help save Arthur. His lesson is that brains always beats the brawns, but I think Disney taught the lesson a lot better in films like The Jungle Book or Aladdin. Why couldn't instead have Arthur pull the sword in the beginning, think it's an accident, but have it turn out betterthan he thought like a Kung Fu Panda story? That would have been better! I wish Madame Mim was in it more! I thought maybe she would be plotting to usurp the throne from Arthur before I saw this! But she's only in one scene and that's it! If Disney wanted to do educational stuff with Merlin, I think they should have given him a spinoff show for Disney Junior! But in the movie, we're just stuck with pointless filler and jerks bossing around Arthur. And by the way, the sword in the stone itself hardly has anything to do with this movie; it's in the prologue, there's no acknowledgement of it until the end! That just makes the title pointless! And to think, this is from the guy who invented Mickey Mouse and our beloved classics such as Snow White, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan! Aside from maybe the wizard duel, and a few references to the future, this movie felt like a huge chunk of nothing! Like Merlin's magic tricks, the only Disney magic I want involving this film is having it dissapear from my memory!

Chicken Little

This movie is falling, not the sky.

Yep the hated Disney film by most Disney fans made it on the list. Truth be told, I wasn't too against the alien invasion concept of this film (even though I heavily panned Lilo and Stich for having aliens in a Disney film). The trailer did make it seem sort of epic and funny. Turns out, it wasn't. It's rushed, bizarrely cruel, ugly, and there's no epic adventure. This film is definite evidence that Disney films of this decade were not thought through. I was hoping for a story where the whole town works together to stop the invasion, or Chicken Little running away on a quest with his misfit friends, but it was neither of those! Most of it is just Chicken Little suffering as the town of Oakey Oaks hating him-and no grown up does anything about it! And another thing (spoiler alert)! I admit the twist involving the aliens with the galaxy map and panel is kinda cute, but it feels more like an episode from a TV show than a movie! Really? Chicken Little suffered through all this for that?!....Yeah, I don't look back on this very fondly. Sometimes I got a laugh, mainly out of Runt and that alien deep voice thing, but I can see why most of you consider this Disney's worst. I'd certainly agree that DVD copies of this film are better off collecting dust.

Winnie the Pooh

Willy nilly silly old bear!

Like I've said before, this 2011 "reboot" of Winnie the Pooh is by no means a bad movie. It's cute and harmless like any Winnie the Pooh entry. But let's be honest guys, we've seen Disney use it as a franchise so many times. Most of the media very charming and delightful, others...eh, not necessary- at least in terms of theatrical releases. And since we all know about these characters, it doesn't feel very refreshed or like a reboot. They're the same characters as before. What I'm really looking for is more stories in this film, like in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and a more unique title. Those two would have felt more like somewhat of a reboot. It's nice and charming like any Winnie the Pooh production, but I'd still consider it the weakest of the Disney Revival. I mean c'mon this is the era where Disney is reinventing itself in a fantastic compromisable way! But still, this one isn't bad, just not as enjoyable as other Winnie the Pooh entrys.


What's Merida so brave about in this?

When I first saw the teaser for this film, I was intrigued. It seemed epic, dark, and mysterious! I thought maybe it was going to involve Merida on an epic quest like a Mulan sort of story. But sadly, when I did see it, I was pretty disappointed. It's mostly centered around...bear transformations...uh, bear hunting...and something about changing fates. Yeah, I did kinda feel like Pixar was sort of making this up as they went. Sure, I got the idea that the film was about having a good relationship with one's mother, but this wasn't a good setup. Even if it was a ripoff, I do wish this setup was more like Mulan; have a war that threatens the kingdom, have Merida travel across the land, have an evil spirit as the main antagonist, maybe have the mom leave home to find Merida and apologize-any of those would have made this film epic. The triplet brothers are pretty fun, but they don't make up for this underdeveloped setup. Hopefully, Merida might be more interesting a character in Wreck It Ralph 2.

The Good Dinosaur

Not a good movie...or dinosaur.

Out of all the Pixar films, this one has disappointed me the most. It's a real shame because after all the scientific nature mixed with creativity the studio did with nature in A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo, I thought Pixar could do similar techniques with dinosaurs! I got really hyped up for this movie when I first heard it was coming out. But sadly, I was even more disappointed in this movie than Brave. It just didn't feel like Pixar did anything with this one. There aren't that many dinosaurs besides the main character and his family, there's too little creativity, and there aren't that many jokes in it. It's mostly some boring western-ish movie, and there's not much of that either. There are some other dinosaurs besides Arlo, but they are only in the movie for a few minutes, and viewers never see them again. The movie has been advertised about what if the comet never wiped out the dinosaurs, but I found that aspect completely pointless. This story could have been told even meteorite hit, I don't see any difference. I think it would have worked better if maybe this movie had a Flinstones-like setting or have the dinosaurs behave more civilized and the humans wild, maybe have it a Jungle Book type story. C'mon, any of those would seem Pixar enough. I remember when I saw this, everone else in the theater was just sitting in silence. I wasn't sure if they were engaged or if they didn't know what tho think of it. I didn't even think it was that much similar to films like The Lion King or The Land Before Time. This film just wasn't what I wanted at all. And the worst part is, I may never get the Pixar dinosaur film I have always dreamed of. Like dinosaurs in reality, my chances of watching this film again are definitely extinct.

Incredibles 2

This isn't quite as incredible as I thought.

I decided to save this for last so that this blog can end on a decent note. And truthfully, this is the closest one I like on this list, but I just don't think it's quite there yet. It's a really good(ish) start; like most of you I was greatly looking forward to seeing the Incredibles themselves and there was some superhero action here and there and some genuine family moments. The problems with this movie are more centered on the politcal nonsense instead of superhero adventures, which I don't think is sufficient continuity to the original. The supers saved their lives from the Omnidroid in the first film, I thought people would be grateful to have supers back and legalized by then, but apparently not. There's only 1 animated feature that has ever done the political stuff so well, and that of course is Zootopia. What made that film work so well was a refreshed use of anthropomorphic animals, realistic emotions, and how it showed viewers that discrimination is wrong. This film doesn't really give us those feelings. I think maybe the story should have been more like the Incredibles looking for the remaining superheroes like an "endangered species " sort of thing. If you remember the scene in the first film where Mr. Incredible discovering supers' deaths, that was a very shocking scene! We could have had more of that emotion in this film! But no! We get political anger blinding judgment, a lot of complaining from Mr. Incredible, an underdeveloped sub plot involving Tony, and even a villain with an unbelievably pathetic and unfair motivation. There are some moments I liked like Jack-Jack showing his powers, the heart to heart talk between Violet and Mr. Incredible, and especially Dash and Violet coming to the rescue in the climax! I wanted more of those! So yeah, despite the anticipation, this wasn't really the superhero sequel I had in mind. It's not quite poor like Cars 2 or a meh like Monsters University, but I still think there's work to be done here. Hopefully, unlike Good Dinosaur there might be a chance Pixar will bring back these characters in the future, even if I have to wait another decade. As for this one, I don't hate it, I just don't think it's as incredible as the first film.

Whoof! I'm glad I got those off my chest. What do you say? Do you think there are any films of wasted potential? You know what to do in the comments section below.

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