Hey guys. In honor of Halloween, I am writing a blog involving the scariest Disney characters of all: the Disney Villains. I have had fun writing down similarities between characters on the pages themselves, but I have had trouble doing that without the visual source thing. So I decided to just write them down here. It feels a lot easier. So bottom line-Disney Villain similarities.

Disney Villains Stained Art Silhouette


Maleficent and Jafar


  • Both are sorcerors/sorceresses-well, you know my point.
  • Both always carry a staff-like thing
  • Both have a bird sidekick
  • Both speak calmly most of the time but loudly when angry.
  • Both their magic seems to involve lightning or fire.
  • Both transformed into a giant reptile while battling the hero.
    • Although as villain transformations go, most people think of Jafar's genie transformation as opposed to his snake form.

Frollo and Gothel

Out There - Frollo - 3
  • Both keep the main character locked away in towers from the world for selfish reasons (although I've never been able to understand how Frollo's plans with the gypsies required Quasi to stay in the tower).
  • Both "adopted" the main characters when they were babies.
  • When the main characters request to leave the tower for a special event, the villains sing a song why they should not leave the tower.
  • Both lie that the world is cold cruel and selfish.
  • Both try to kill an enemy whose in trouble with the law.
  • Both are seen holding daggars at one point.
  • Both fall to their deaths off the towers, but in different ways than traditionally.

Cruella DeVil and Madame Medusa

Cruella De Vil
  • Both have very bad tempers.
  • Both drive recklessly in red similar looking cars.
  • Both abuse their male henchmen.
  • Both are seen slamming down telephones after frustrating talks with their henchmen (although I could never understand why Cruella was upset about Jasper and Horace calling her).
  • Both are somewhat named after some sort of monster/supernatural creature.
  • Both have animals for enemies. For Cruella it was obviously the dalmatians, and for Medusa it was Bernard and Bianca the mice.
  • Both their punishments involved getting stranded. Cruella was stranded in the English countryside after her car was wrecked while Medusa was stranded on the Riverboat chimney after Penny's trickery steering.

Scar and Shere Khan

  • Both are obviously big jungle cats.
  • Both their names begin with the letter S.
  • Both were voiced by British actors and their dialogue seemed calm most of the time.
  • In their debut scenes, both villains were attempting to eat prey, but were foiled thanks to the interference of another character ( Zazu for Scar, Hathi for Shere Khan).
  • Both have at least one enemy whose name begins with the letter M (Mufasa for Scar, Mowgli for Shere Khan).
  • Both battled the heroes in a wasteland during a thunderstorm.
    • On similar notes, both storms struck close to the ground with lightning, caused fires, and did not rain until after the villains were defeated.

Gaston and Ratigan

Images (6) TGMD
  • Both are extremely confident and arrogant.
  • Both their heads were in shadow when they first appeared.
  • Both have told a main character to picture something, and had their hands do its gesture.
  • Both have a sidekick who is much shorter than them.
  • Both drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Both sing songs that praise themselves with their henchmen joining in and toasting to them.
  • Both blackmail one of the main characters to get what they want
    • On a similar note, both blackmails somehow involve a father and a daughter.
  • Both trap the main characters before setting out to kill another.
    • And on that note, both sing a second song while doing so.
  • Both battle the hero on someplace high during a thunderstorm.
  • Both believed to have successfully killed the hero in their final moments
  • And of course, both fall to their deaths.

So, what do you think? Did I do a good job? If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. But just "trying to kill the main character" I won't put down. I need a little more than that like "both try to kill the main character in order to rule the kingdom" or something like that. And by the way....Happy Halloween.

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