Hi guys. Even though it's not until January, I will be going back to Disney World to celebrate my certificate gain. So in anticipation, I thought I would talk about a few attractions that don't exist (or in one's case DID exist, but not anymore) that I think it would be cool to see in Disney World, or any other Disney theme park.

Walt Disney World

The happiest place on earth.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride


We're merrily on our way with Mr. Toad!

Now I know what you're thinking-I am imagining a ride that used to be in Disney World, yet still might in exist in Disneyland. Well, truth be told Disney World is my vacation comfort zone, and as you know I LOVE Mr. Toad and his cartoon! I never got a chance to ride it, but I heard it became a legendary theme park ride. I have heard many fans were upset to see it close down, so that's the other reason I put this ride on the list. It would very nice to see a Toad Hall interior as well as pictures of Mr. Toad himself and the other characters from the cartoon. However, there is only one change I would put-that fiery H place thing near the ride's end. Seriously, I don't know what the imagineers were thinking when they made it. The cartoon didn't have anything to do with that stuff. And Toad's not really the kind of person who would deserve to go there. I mean sure, he did foolish things with his manias, but they weren't cruel or mean-spirited acts-more like little kid traits. So otherwise, I'd like to see it in Disney World just as long as it doesn't replace anything. I do like The Winnie the Pooh ride too.

A Big Hero 6 Simulator Ride

Hiro Baymax Flight

Simulator rides sort of make Baymax a better healthcare companion.

I love stop motion simulator rides! They make me feel like I'm in a real experience, without truly being in danger. However, there are two odd things I should note. One is that Disney World's rival Universal Studios has more of them than Disney World. And since Big Hero 6 is a Marvel movie, it leads to the other odd note. Disney World has acquired the rights to Marvel, yet Universal is the theme park with Marvel rides. Normally I don't approve of Disney owning Marvel, but since Big Hero 6 here has turned out to be a really good movie, I think it would be really cool to see a Big Hero 6 simulator ride! I mean think about it, there have been a lot of action scenes that make us feel like we're part of the movie, particularly Baymax's flying scenes. When Baymax tipped over on that bridge, I felt like I was going to fall over too. It would be really cool to fly through San Frantokyo too....uh, from a simular perspective that is.

A Wreck-It-Ralph Arcade

Can you fix it like Felix?

There are three reasons I am listing this one. One, I heard that a Wreck-It-Ralph attraction may take over Stitch's so-called Great Escape (through a rumor that is) and I despise that irritating alien. Second, I love Wreck-It-Ralph. And third, Disney did that with Pizza Planet (before it's unnecessary closure), so I figure, why not do the same thing with Litwack's arcade? We could see it designed just like what we saw in the movie. But to make it even better, we could play the games just like we saw; Fix-It-Felix Jr, Hero's Duty, and Sugar Rush. I have wondered what it would be like to actually play those games, just like how Toy Story fans have played with the characters just like Andy did. Wouldn't it be great to see fans going "Ohh there's Ralph just like in the movie?" Or "I wonder what they are going to do when we're gone?" It's like bringing something to life! What do you say, Disney? Make it happen!

So what do you think! Would you like to see those attraction in Disney World too?

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