Hi guys. I have been rather addicted to Disney's Emoji Blitz, matching emojis, trying to get free prizes, participating in events, and so on. I do admit though, I get a little tired of the emojis I have sometimes and I hope to get certain gold box emojis. You know, that "move on to the next big thing" fad habit. However, it sometimes gives me a level up to an emoji I have or an emoji I don't really want. I sometimes contact the staff to suggest emojis I want or other fun events. They can never make guarantees, but they always promise to share my ideas. This blog will be about emojis I want (regardless of populaity or unpopularity).

Disney Emoji Blitz 2

Emoji away!


Pinocchio with apple

A real boy should be a real emoji.

Seeing how Pinocchio has been considered one of the greatest motion pictures of all time by many moviegoers, I see no excuse for Disney not to have a Pinocchio emoji. Sure we have Jiminy Cricket, but I want our cute little wooden head as well. I was thinking his powerup could be just like Beast's; have the Blue Fairy turn several Pinocchio emojis into real boys and clear them off the board. Or maybe his long nose could clear off emojis too. C'mon Disney! Put Pinocchio in the game!

The Gummi Bears


High Adventure that's beyond compare!

Honestly, anyone of these Gummi Bears would be an excellent choice. Seeing as Emoji Blitz held 2 Disney Afternoon themed events, I thought it would be exceptable to consider these delightful creatures as emojis in the game. Their superpower would be drinking that gummi berry juice and bouncing emojis off the board, just like Tigger does.

Mr. Toad

Mr Toad

Perhaps Emoji Blitz would be a safer mania for Mr. Toad.

I can't help it. I love Mr. Toad and his Wind in Willows cartoon. But those of you who know me already new that. And seeing as though he got an iconic theme park ride that still exists in Disneyland, I think a Mr. Toad emoji is a good idea. His powerup would be driving a motorcar and emojis hopping in with him. If that happens, then Mr. Toad would certainly take us merrily merrily on our way to somewhere fun in particular.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood Disney

Ooh De Lally! Ooh De Lally! Golly What a day in Emoji Blitz!

Here's another fun English literary animal I'd like. His powerup would be one of those tappy kind like Mushu's or the Yeti's. Players would tap a bow or try to pull an arrow, and the arrow would knock Emojis off the board in bullseye style. Maybe they'll do with that with Merida, but I like Robin here a hundred times more.

Basil and Ratigan

Basil of Baker Street

Elementary my dear Dawson!


Ratigan! Best Disney Villain Ever! (To me at least )

Since they're both from the same movie, I might as well group them together. You know I couldn't possibly leave these 2 out since you know how much I love The Great Mouse Detective. I will admit, I have had trouble thinking of a power up for Basil. However I did think of two good possibilities. One, he could have the same kind as Nick Wilde's. The board could be filled with fog just like in the movie, and Basil could use his detective skills to locate emojis. I have had trouble with that with Nick at first, but I got used to it in time. The other powerup I thought would be him and an emoji Olivia using the clock tower's chain to rescue some of the other emojis. Either one would be a good choice for me.

Now let's talk about Ratigan. I have had fun kicking Disney Villains' butts inthose tournaments, particularly Jafar and Scar. I have once suggested to Emoji Blitz for a Ratigan fight, despite no official guarantees. They asked me what his powerup would be, and I thought it could be Felicia blocking most of the board, much like Malificent's or Jafar's. I know it's not probably not likely but I wanted to suggest it anyway.

So what say you? Do you like these emoji ideas? Are there any emojis you would want? Until next time, see ya later!

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