Hey everyone! Guess what it's Christmas time! In honor of the beloved holiday, I am composing my own twist on the song twelve days of Christmas. I am going to add photos and number them and I want you to sing what I put down starting from the first day to the twelfth as if you were singing 12 days of Christmas

🎵 On the (insert number) day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

Mickey & Minnie in the magic kingdom

🎵A mouse with a family theme park!🎵

Elsa Anna Frozen

🎵2 Snowy sisters!🎵

20100205104341!Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

🎵 3 ducklings🎵

🎵 4 muppet toys🎵

Cp FWB Incredibles 20120926

🎵5 Incredibles!🎵

Big hero 6 crew

🎵 6 big heroes 🎵

🎵 7 dwarves dancing🎵

Be Our Guest

🎵 8 Enchanted Objects🎵

Eating isegrubtimn

🎵9 Greasy Grubs🎵

300px-The Pink Elephants

🎵10 Pink elephants

Rapunzel long hair (1)

🎵11 strands of hair🎵

File:Gummi Bears Group Promotional Image.gif

🎵 12 Gummi Bears🎵

I wish you all a merry Christmas!