Hi everyone! Today's blog will be about one of my highly "obsessive" interests: mice. It's no secret that I love mice (at least in a cartoon sense), whether on the wiki or in person, people who know me know it. And it's like Walt Disney said: "I hope we never lose sight of one thing-that this was all started by a mouse." I think mice enhance everything. I even wish Pinocchio and Frozen had a mouse character or two sometimes. I once did a blog on mouse films, even a couple of non-Disney films, so this one is about Disney mice characters instead. So which Disney mice do I really tend to praise? Let's squeak and find out.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

It was all started by a mouse!

Although most mice cartoons I get into are the ones where you see mice in holes and behaving just like us, I can't deny that I have always loved Mickey Mouse like most Disney fans. After all, he was the world's first significant cartoon character in history, and he of course boosted Walt Disney's career. He's cute, charming, brave, and a cheerful happy-go-lucky character Disney fans can look up to. Sure, he does get into trouble at times particularly as a sorcerer's apprentice, but we can't deny that Disney just isn't Disney without him. And of course, we see him and his pals all around the Disney theme parks; ice cream treats, balloons, souiveneers, the list is endless. After all, every theme park needs mascots.

Jaq and Gus

Jaq and Gus pose

You can always count on these two to help Cinderelly.

Talk about one of the greatest comic relief duos of all time! Cinderella was kind of a tough story to go through, mainly because of the stepfamily's hatred of Cinderella and how they treat her like a slave all the time. But with Jaq and Gus, I felt a fun reassurance. They're always the ones helping Cinderella in her times of need. Jaq is like the smart leader of the two, and Gus is like the cute but impulsive one of the duo. They always go on some "spy" mission to see what Lady Tremaine is up to and make sure to foil her at every turn...that is, provided Lucifer the black cat doesn't get in the way. Infact, Jaq and Gus are the ones who rescue Cinderella in the climax as opposed to the Prince Charming in most fairy tales. I often wish there were more duos like Jaq and Gus like for Rapunzel or for Harry Potter.

Timothy Q. Mouse


I love this guy!

My 3 favorite aspects of Dumbo are Casey Junior, Pink Elephants on Parade, and of course Timothy Q. Mouse. Elephants are usually seen scared of mice in stereotypical forms. But with Dumbo's depressing predictament, it was time for that to go. Dumbo needed a friend who didn't make fun of Dumbo's big ears. And Timothy was the perfect one (well aside from maybe pinning Dumbo's bottom). He was cheerful, humorous, encouraging Dumbo to keep trying, and of course brave enough to stand up to those who made fun of Dumbo, mainly the other circus elephants and the crows. It's also nice that he wasn't trying to make Dumbo a star so that HE could make money, it was to convince the authorities to let out Mrs. Jumbo as Dumbo's reward. I love this guy so much, I even put a green pin of him on my Christmas stocking. That's all.

Bernard and Bianca


Bernard and Bianca rescue us from boredom; or me at least.

Of course, the big reason The Rescuers films are two of my favorites is because of Bernard and Bianca. Is it because they're mice? Partially. But like the other mice on this list, I find their personalities likable. Their job is to rescue anyone in danger and they don't stop until the job is done. Bianca's voice actress Eva Gabor who also did Duchess from The Aristocats gives Bianca this gentle and kind sounding character. She has great sympathy for the kidnapped children, but also very angry opinions towards the villains who deserve them. And then there's Bernard. He is a pretty scared fellow-infact he wasn't trained to be a Rescue Society Agent in the first place-but he puts those fears aside to rescue Penny and Cody. He also tends to be a strategist. For instance, he reads about Devils Bayou during his flight to prepare for the mission and he works with Bianca and Penny to build an escape plan as opposed to just running away, since that didn't work for Penny. And despite his hopes to propose to Bianca, he knows he has to put it aside to focus on rescuing Cody-even if it meant losing her to Jake. But the best part if when he gets to be the hero in the end. He fights Joanna, tricks her into knocking McLeach in the waterfall and even risks his own life to rescue Cody from McLeach's fate. And everything turns out all right for him in the end. What can I say? Bernard and Bianca are true rescuers.

Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street

Elementary my dear Dawson!

Of course I have saved the best for last. You know that The Great Mouse Detective is my all-time favorite and Basil is obviously one of the best aspects of it. He's the mouse version of everyone's favorite fictional detective. Sure, me's a social misfit especially when he acts rude towards Olivia, but I think we all have days like those. I've had social difficulties, my family has, my friends have, but we all have our loveable personalities. His detective skills and cleverness make him very entertaining, especially when you see him smirk. He even knows about a mouse lady's case involving a missing ring, and she didn't even need to tell him. Some fans wonder about that, but it doesn't bother me. And even right before his near-death experiences, he still manages to analyze and formulate plans quickly. He even manages to show humor like with the chess piece and the camera. I don't know what else to say. I love Basil so much, I even brought a toy of him as a "show and tell" part of a community college class. We were supposed to bring an artifact that represents who we are, and the Basil toy represented everything; my love for stuffed toys, my love for the character and movie, my love for mice, and yes-my love for Disney!

And that is my blog on Disney mice. I hope you enjoyed this list. Squeak squeak. Have a magical day on the Disney Wiki!

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