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Hi everyone. This isn't exactly my favorite idea for a blog post, but it's one that has been bugging me lately. Disney has brought us wonderful memories, but also sad ones as well. Some have scarred Disney fans for life, and those would most likely never be forgotten. Some sad Disney scenes I can handle, others not so much. So without further ado, let's get this overwith.

Boo Hoo

#10: My Own Home from The Jungle Book

Mowgli going to his new home

Even though, this scene kind of has a good outcome, the process of seeing Mowgli leave Baloo in the jungle seemed like a sad process. A lot of times before, I hear low music, and a couple scenes where Mowgli feels very sad and alone. After he fights off Shere Khan, Baloo claims that no one will ever come between them again. But as they hug, we hear the song "My Own Home", which has a very soft teary melody. Once Mowgli is about to go to the villagee, Baloo pleads with him to come back to him, while Bagheera urges him to go on. Mowgli is a bit undecisive about leaving the jungle he has always known and his new "Papa Bear." Then he smiles at the girl and goes on in. I could understand how sad Baloo was feeling, but at least this sad scene ended with some good Bare Neccessity music.

#9: The ending of Toy Story 3

"So long partner."

The first 2 Toy Story movies seemed fun whenever Andy was playing with his toys. However, in Toy Story 3, all these characters have reached the dark point of any toy's life-their kid has to grow up. Woody was always insisting that their job was to be there for Andy, but I could tell it was also an excuse not to lose his special buddy, Andy. As the movie progresses, Woody seems determined not to lose Andy and abandons the other toys, but then goes back once he is warned about Lotso's tyranny. Then he and the others are almost killed by an incinerator. And then Andy gives Woody and the other toys to Bonnie. As Andy is driving away, Woody feels very sad to see Andy go, but maturely accepts his new life with Bonnie and the fact that his toy family is here for him as well. This ending is sad, but fairly happy too, kind of like Jungle Book.

#8: Ray's death from The Princess and the Frog

Ray come back!

Like I have said before, Ray's death is my one problem with The Princess and the Frog. Why? Because a comic relief's death is NOT my idea of a good Disney death. Ray, along with Louis added some good comedy to the heroes' journey throughout the bayou. He was very likable, and now he is....gone. Ray had such a big heart, trying to make sure Naveen and Tiana's love came before his own, rescuing Naveen from the evil Dr. Facilier, causing to get squished i the process. I mean, the death does work in order for Ray to be with his true love, Evangeline, but I still was not very fond of it.

#7: John Smith departing from Pocahontas

So long JS

It's not like Pocahontas is that cheerful a Disney film anyway, but this is one of those mature adult-ish movies that I am not particularly fond of watching, because of the sad ending. Throughout the majority of the film, the Native Americans and the White settlers are at war, and Pocahontas is forced to marry Kocoum, a stick-in-the-mud warrior. Then she falls in love with John Smith, and Pocahontas has to fight for their love by stopping the war. John Smith is almost excecuted and Pocahontas saves him. Just when their relationship is approved, Radcliffe fires at the Chief to get gold from them, which they DON"T HAVE! John Smith risks his life and takes the shot instead, and John Smith is forced to go back to England without Pocahontas. Though Pocahontas and John knows in their heart that they will always be together, it still sinks my heart to see that a love couple has to depart.

#6: Quasimodo losing Esmerelda to Phoebus

Heaven's light-bulb has been burnt out.

Oh man, this is where I really feel sorry for Quasimodo. He loses his mother when he is a baby, is raised by her killer Frollo, is locked away in a bell tower because he looks like a monster (even though we know he isn't!), and is tortured at the Festival! And then, Esmerelda takes sanctuary in Notre Dame, giving Quasimodo real company for the first time in so long! Quasimodo even helps her escape the cathedral. Quasimodo finally knows a kind person who does not view him as an ugly monster, showing that these two characters have both suffered from cruel prejudice from Frollo. That makes it seem like these two belong together. But instead, what happens? Esmerelda falls in love with Phoebus, the guy who has had little to no chemistry with Esmerelda, thus crushing Quasimodo's only happiness that has come to him in so long. Poor Quasimodo!

#5: The Destruction of Vanellope's Kart

Vanellope is so broken-karted

I am not going to lie-I like Wreck-it-Ralph, but this scene was probably the most upsetting. It begins with King Candy telling Ralph, that if she were to race, her glitching would cause players to think the game is broken and should be unplugged. If Sugar Rush were to be unplugged, Vanellope would die, so preventing Vanellope from racing seemed to be the only way to protect her. Just when Vanellope gives Ralph her own frosted sugar cookie medal, she accuses Ralph of tattling on her to King Candy just to get his medal back. Vanellope has been shunned by many of the residents of Sugar Rush, and couldn't even leave so she has absolutely no one there for her. And the only person who has ever brought joy into her life seems to be against her dream of racing. And then Vanellope cries and wails as Ralph destroys her kart, her one ticket to racing! Afterwards, Vanellope shuns Ralph with the words, "You really are a bad guy." I felt like I was going to cry because of this scene when I saw this in the theater.

#4: Mufasa's Death

Mufasa is murdered!

You didn't think I'd forget this, did you? I don't have too much to say about Mufasa's death, but I can certainly understand why this was such a memorably sad moment for Disney fans. Losing a parent is very painful, especially, one that you were very close with. And the only thing that makes it worse, is being accused of being responsible for it. Simba is forced to flee from all this, and it takes him years to summon the courage to go back. I was reminded of this when I had to watch "Save the Last Dance" in my freshman health class. Losing a parent and feeling guilty for it is a real emotional pain, like something stabbing your heart.

#3: The Death of Bambi's Mom

Run Bambi!

A yes, who could possibly forget this! Here it is, the scene everybody remembers from this movie! Bambi losing his mommy! I kind of enjoyed watching Bambi as a kid, but I barely remembered this part. I mostly remembered Bambi's fight with Ronno. But as I watched it again a couple times, I eventually came across Bambi's mother getting killed by an evil hunter. Since I was so young, any story involving a mother's death was just too unbearable for me, and Bambi was one of them. That's why I stopped watching Bambi. Bambi sees his mother is not with him in their den, and desperately searches for her to the point where he starts crying. And his dad tells him that his mother can't be with him anymore, implying she's dead. I did find it odd how her death was never referred to again for the rest of the movie, because this is the only scene that people think of when they come across Bambi. So I thought , maybe it should have been the main conflict of the film like The Lion King. But oh well. I learned that many kids had to be taken out of the theater because they were crying so much. I also once read from a library book that one of Walt's daughters (I can't remember which one) said to him, "Daddy, why did you have to kill Bambi's mother?" Walt says, "Well, it was in the book, dearie." His daughter says, "You have made many changes in the movie, why couldn't you change that?" Walt was trapped right there. Bambi's mother's death is one the most memorable examples of a Disney scar.

#2: The revelation of Koda's mother's death

Broken-hearted bear cub.

The only thing worse than a mother being killed by a villain, is having your mother killed by a friend you trusted and gotten to know so well. Kenai was so guilty about killing a bear out of his own hatred, and as he listened to Koda's story the other night, he realized he killed the mother a cute little cub! It was very upsetting for me to see this revelation to Koda. He was so crushed, teary-eyed and heartbroken that his mother is dead, since he was desperately hoping to find her again. He just couldn't believe that his big bear brother buddy was really a human, the very creature he feared killed his mommy! I still feel like I am going to cry every time I think about this scene!

But as sad as this is, it still doesn't compare to what I am putting down as number one.

#1: The Fox and the Hound

Too much sadness!

J-Just The Fox and the Hound in general! Everything about this movie is sad! Tod's mother is killed in the beginning, and then he is raised by a lonely old widow. Then he makes friend with a hound puppy, but later learns that their friendship is forbidden and that they are meant to be enemies! Copper doesn't even try to fight back for their friendship! And after Chief's injury, Copper swears to get Tod! Then Widow Tweed is forced to drop off at the reserve! Poor Tod is forced to depart from his mommy figure, and Tweed is forced to leave the only friend she has had in so long! And that "Goodbye May Seem Forever" song makes it even worse! And after Tod saves Copper from being killed by a giant scary bear, they are still grown apart. Tod still can't go home to Widow Tweed and visit Copper! He does have Trixie to keep him happy, but it's not happy enough to save the movie. All this maturity and sadness is why I consider The Fox and the Hound one of Disney's worst! It's just too heavy, dramatic, and too sad! There's no other way for me to phrase it. The Fox and the Hound is very sad, and pretty bad.

And that was my countdown of such sad events in Disney history! Now I am going to wrap up before I...I...anyone got a Kleenex? <sniff>! :*(