Hello my friends. It's been hard to note various similarities about characters and films so I am creating a blog about similarities right here. The subjects are two Disney Revival "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" themed films. They are Wreck-It-Ralph and Zootopia. I have noticed alot of similarites because both films have a lot of the same themes and emotions. And I mean that as a compliment. So let's see what we've got.

Rich Moore has taught us not to judge a book by its cover with these two films

  • Both have themes about fairness, judgment, rejection, and prejudice.
  • Both were directed by Rich Moore.
  • The main character is told off that he/she will never be anything more than he/she is.
  • Both have characters riding on a monorail or train vehicle.
  • Both have the protagonist and deuteragonist get off on a rocky start.
  • The deuterogonist is shown to have problems even worse than the protagonist.
  • Both films show the protagonist understanding that the deuteragonist isn't as different as they initially thought.
  • Both have the protagonist betray the deuteragonist by mistake. And on that note, there was light when they were having a touching moment before. Afterwards there are shadows covering them during the betrayal. Look at the screencaps to see what I mean.
  • Both have the protagonist go home in ashamed depression but shortly return (or in Zootopia's case shortly for viewers) after realizing the shocking truth.
  • Both have the surprise villain elememt (well not really for my views on King Candy since I was already able to detect he was a badguy). 
  • Both have what was most feared about the deuteragonist's fate coming true in the climax. Vanellope was almost killed by Cy-Bugs as what Ralph and the film's viewers feared and Nick was going savage to the point where he's have to be locked up in the Cliffside Asylum (or in that case, that's what we thought). 
  • Both show the protagionist's voiceover and clips on how things are turning out better.
  • Now this is totally minor, but I have also noticed the films that follow these two (Frozen and Moana) have background choruses sung during the castle and Steamboat Willie logos. Just a fun observation. 

So what do you think? Do you agree with what I've noticed? Looking for similarites is fun for me. 

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