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Hey guys. You know how sometimes a very small thing can get to you that you can’t help but wonder why about it? Well, that happens to me a lot, one of which is about the Ringmaster from Dumbo. When I first came across the game Disney Villains’ Revenge, I saw the Ringmaster as one of them. He was the only one I didn’t thing belonged there because I viewed him as just an antagonist from the perspective of animals similar to oh say, Aunt Sarah as opposed to the other game’s villains Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, and Wicked Queen. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to defend him because he definitely did wrong things; making the workers set up during a stormy night, whipping and locking Mrs. Jumbo, underpaying employees, and demoting Dumbo to a clown. But what I really wondered does Dumbo flying ruin Ringmaster’s life? It brought HIS circus popularity and money! Isn’t that what he wanted? He even seemed happy and amazed to see Dumbo fly! I also assumed that he reformed (at least towards Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo) and let out Mrs. Jumbo since he is the circus owner. I know Timothy became Dumbo’s manager, but I didn’t see any evidence that Ringmaster lost his job. If that happened, it would make more sense of him getting revenge. Besides, I haven’t seen him do anything out the ordinary of any other Ringmaster, like kidnapping or attempted murder! I have seen other cartoon ringmasters do otherwise like the one from Goof Troop, the one from Secret Life of Pets 2, and even one from Snorks. I mean ok, making workers work in a storm, underpaying them is definitely a bad thing, but like I said this is from the perspective of the animal characters. I agree that Mrs. Jumbo was right to defend Dumbo from the bullies, but when the Ringmaster tried to stop her, he did not know about Smitty’s bullying. Wouldn’t any animal owner have to assume the worst if they don’t see what happens? He couldn’t communicate with Mrs. Jumbo after all, very much like when Aunt Sarah muzzled Lady. But don’t worry, I do not approve of him whipping Mrs. Jumbo at ALL! I know whipping hurts and I thought it causes blood!

So those are my points. And like I said, I’m not trying to defend him, I’m more trying to put him in his proper category (mostly because I thought Disney Villains’ Revenge got him mixed up). If there’s something I’m missing, please comment below.

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