Screenshot of the mighty ducks D2 with subtitles during the game against Iceland

Was Adam Banks actually Captain during D2?

Screenshot of The Mighty Ducks D2 script announcer line during Iceland game

In the third Mighty Ducks movie (D3) it is specified that Charlie Conway had always been the captain of the mighty ducks team. But according to their very own movies that's not true. During the first game against Iceland in D2 The announcer says "...captain Adam Banks has it for team U.S.A..." and i know your thinking I'm just hearing things and I thought I was too but it says the same thing with subtitles on. But i still thought the subtitles were wrong because they never once mentioned Adam Banks being captain and he never wears the captains signature C ( but I mean nor does Charlie Conway). So I went searching for a script and found that it is true the announcer was saying Adam Banks was captain.

So What the Heck?!

So what the heck disney you're making me really confused. Was Adam Banks actually captain during D2 and you cut any scenes explaining it hoping we wouldn't notice what the announcer said? Or was Charlie Conway actually captain all along and this was just some Mistake? Or was there never actually any captain at all? (Because no one seems to be wearing the captains C) And did you just add in the part in D3 that Charlie Conway was always captain to make it more heartfelt him losing his coach, captain ship, and his team? So to answer the question technically no Adam Banks was never captain but I have my suspicions that maybe he was supposed to be.

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