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    March 15, 2016 by Sliverpie2

    i know harassment is a bad but clon800 wants and needs to talk to me and i know that i can talk to her via diffrent chat but i have another friends on this wiki like ~Silverstream, Joshuakrasinski, Shopnil, and more people so Maurice Tope or Someone else please give me one more chance P.S. i'm not making a another account cause that's socking 

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  • Sliverpie2

    Elsa: I'm gonna be a mighty Queen So enemies, beware

    Hans: Well, I've never seen a queen of beasts With quite so

    Elsa: I'm gonna be the main event Like no qeeun was before I'm brushing up on looking down I'm working on my ROAR!

    Hans: Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing.

    Elsa: Oh, I just can't wait to be queen!

    Hans: You've rather a long way to go, young master. If you think...

    Elsa: No one saying, "Do this"

    Hans: Now when I said that, I--

    Anna: No one saying, "Be there"

    Hans: What I meant was--

    Elsa: No one saying, "Stop that"

    Hans: Look, what you don't realize--

    Elsa and Anna: No one saying, "See here"

    Hans: Now see here!

    Elsa: Free to run around all day

    Hans: Well, that's definitely out--

    Elsa: Free to do it all my way!


    Hans: I think it's timeā€¦

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  • Sliverpie2

    Marvel and Dc Cast

    February 6, 2016 by Sliverpie2

    hi tell me which mavel or dc hero you want to be in the commets

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