Srebak Srebak 16 May 2015

My Opinion of Frozen

It took me a while, but, i finally watched "Frozen" this month. It started out interesting (what with that catchy Lion King-esque chant at the beginning and all), and it piqued my fancy further as it went on. But while i can't say it was a bad film, i, personally, don't think that it lived up to its hype. I personally don't think that it was a better film than The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, and that's not taking the parts that i didn't like into consideration.

That scene with Elsa, Anna and Hans just struck a negative cord within me; it's already hard think about when the fans of Disney movies call out Disney's brand of romance, but to actually hear the characters themselves bad mouth it, it just never sat well with me, even if i do…

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Srebak Srebak 9 March 2015

Mowgli's changing physique

I know that this is a strange thing to ask, but, did anyone else notice that in "The Jungle Book 2", Mowgli had a bit more definition to his body? 

In the first film, he was basically a stick figure, but in the sequel; his arms and legs had a bit more thickness to them, his shoulder blades were frequently made visible and at times, his pectoral region was more pronounced than it was in the first film.

Like i said, i know that it's a strange thing to notice, but notice it i did.

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Srebak Srebak 1 December 2012

Why is Jake Long given such a bad life?

I have tried to think about the positives of the American Dragon: Jake Long for the longest time now, but every time, my active imagination keeps reminding me just how few breaks Jake Long had in his show. Which is in star contrast to his fellow Disney show characters: Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and Penny Proud.

Nearly every episode of American Dragon had Jake fixing a problem that he caused and basically had him be punished in someway at the end. Personally, i think that downplays the hero aspect of his character, i've even had visions of him actually saying that he barely knew anything, and that just bothers me to no end.

The writers even go out of their way to make every other character in the show seem more mature in comparison. Even …

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Srebak Srebak 11 August 2012

If American Dragon and Kim Possible continued

What if both Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long had been renewed for more seasons? What would be left for the shows to explore?

As far as AD:JL goes, I've thought about the following:

For one thing, the series would've definitely needed a new main villain. True, i myself would like to see the Huntsman and the Dark Dragon return, but i also agree that that would seem a bit lazy.

Also, with Jake and Rose finally passed the "is it safe for us to date" phase and Rose finally having all (or at least moderately enough) of her memory back, the series would have definitely needed to find a new way to explore their relationship

And lets not forget the fact that Jake's father is now in on the whole "Magical family" secret. If the show had cont…

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Srebak Srebak 11 August 2012

What separated the shows from the movies?

We all know about the movies that Disney has made over the years, but what separated them from the Tv shows made in Disney's name.

Well for one thing, the movie villains are considerably darker than the ones in the Tv shows (with a few exceptions)

What do you think?

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