What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. Now, in my little movie menagerie, I've talked about dinosaurs, lions, Mice, and elephants, and now, it's time to talk about man's best friend: dogs. Enjoy!

#1: Lady and the Tramp

File:(1986 Re-issue) Lady And The Tramp Trailer-0

This is the flick, it's a beautiful flick!

My aunt says that Lady and the Tramp is her favorite Disney movie, and, I can very easily see why. It has a great story, showing how dogs view the world, like how Whispers showed how elephants viewed the world. Lady was a very likable protagonist, and I like her interactions with Jock and Trusty, who are very funny (seriously, the joke about Trusty's grandpa is absolutely priceless!). I also like her romance with Tramp. It's not a "love at first sight" romance (which,those types of romances I CANNOT stand!), she instead very skeptical about him, but, after he helps her with her dilemma with the muzzle, she warms up to him, which culminates into that famous spaghetti eating scene (you know the one I'm talking about!) The songs are also very catchy, with my two favorites being "He's a Tramp", and the Siamese Cat song. Those are great fun to listen to. So, all in all, I think Lady and the Tramp is a good movie. It's definitely worth watching.

#2: One Hundred and One Dalmatians


101 Dalmatians - 1961 Theatrical Trailer

I remember watching One Hundred and One Dalmatians a lot when I was a kid, and, I still enjoy it. It has very likable characters in it, Pongo and Perdita were a nice set of parents, and have me rooting for them the whole time. Cruella DeVille was a very intimidating villain, and her song is very catchy to listen to. Horace and Jasper were also stupidly funny, and they always make me laugh. But, by far, my favorite characters are the Colonel and Sergeant Tibbs. I just love watching their interactions, and, Tibbs himself is enjoyable in his grit in saving the puppies from Cruella's evil clutches. Each and every character has a lot of personality, even the ones that aren't to relevant to the plot. And, like I said, the "Cruella DeVille" song is a great song. So, overall, I really like One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I'll be sure to watch it again in the future.

#3: All Dogs Go to Heaven


All Dogs Go to Heaven Official Trailer 1 - Burt Reynolds Movie (1989) HD

You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down!

All Dogs Go to Heaven was one of the iconic movies of my childhood. I used to watch it over and over again at my Grandma's house. First up, the characters are great, as are their actors. Charlie and Itchy were very enjoyable protagonists, and their voice actors, Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise play each other off perfectly. Carface was also a cool villain, and his interactions with him and Killer remind me very much of Rocky and Mugsy from The Looney Tunes. I also love the relationship between Charlie and Anne Marie. At first, Charlie only let her stick around just to make money (much like Carface did), but, over the course of the film, he genuinely cares about her, and is even willing to sacrifice his life to save her. It also has some great songs in it, particularly "You can't keep a good dog down" and that famous scene with the alligator in it. The only part about this movie I don't like is that scene where Charlie has the nightmare about going to the fiery h place. I always fast forward through that part. But, aside from that, All Dogs Go to Heaven is a very fun movie. I say check it out and have some fun.

#4: Balto


Balto Trailers

Not dog, not wolf! He's a hero!

Balto is yet another one of my childhood movies. I like how it's based on a true story, but, they don't really sugarcoat it very much. It has a very tense journey story, but is still lighthearted enough to be good for both the kids and adults. The characters are also very memorable. Balto himself was a very likable character, and, I like how he uses his wolf heritage to his advantage towards the end of the film. Boris was also very hilarious, and his voice actor, Bob Hoskins was absolutely perfect for the role. Mukk and Lukk were also stupidly funny. They're among the first animated duos that come to my mind, along with Timon and Pumbaa. Steele was also a pretty good villain. He's very much like Gaston as a dog: he starts off as just a jerk, but, as he fails more and more, he becomes much more evil (he was even willing to sacrifice the children! So, overall, I really love Balto. I'll be sure to watch it plenty more times.

So, guys, those are the movies about dogs that I like. Which animals do you want me to cover next? This is Tigerfan45, and I'll see you next time!

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