What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here, and, I'm back again. Today, we will be taking a look at the Disney movies made by Walt Disney, himself. I will not be covering the package films. And, keep in mind, that this is all just my opinion.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs UK DVD 2014 Limited Edition slip cover

The one that started it all.

Let's start with the very first Disney movie ever, I'm not really a huge fan of this movie, but, it's still pretty good. To start with, it has some great animation, and the backgrounds look perfect! Even the designs of the characters look pretty neat. I liked the songs in this movie, particularly Heigh-ho. It's the most well-known song in this movie, and, I can see why. The dwarves themselves are very enjoyable characters, especially when Sneezy sneezes or watching bashful blush. They always crack me up. The evil queen was an intimidating villain, and, she has some really diabolical moments. My only complaint is that the main characters could have used a lot more development. I mean, Snow White herself was a nice enough character, but, the prince has no personality at all! That hurts some of the film, because it is about their love for each other. So, while I don't love this movie, I do enjoy it fairly well. Besides, without it, we wouldn't have the Disney classics we love today.


Pinocchio fr vhs 2000

When you wish upon a star, you get a good movie.

I remember that I used to watch Pinocchio a lot when I was a kid, and, as an adult, I still like it. To start with, most of the characters are very memorable. Pinocchio, himself, is a really nice character, and, I like how the movie makes him out to be (in one sense of the phrase) a real boy. Sure, he does make bad choices, but, it doesn't mean he's a rotten kid, it just means that he's a kid. Jiminy Cricket was my favorite character, again, because he's such a nice character, and he's always there for Pinocchio. Even though Pinocchio doesn't listen to Jiminy very much, Jiminy never gives up on him. My only issue with this movie was that I didn't find Geppeto to be a very interesting character. I just wish we got more backstory to him, it would have made him more interesting. But, honestly, that's just a nitpick. I liked the songs in this movie, particularly "When you wish upon a star". I never saw it as promoting laziness, I saw it more as a song about not giving up hope. That's why I think it became Disney's iconic anthem. So, all in all, Pinocchio is a pretty good movie. I definitely say check it out.


Fantasia 1990 Re-Release Poster

Fantasia is by far my favorite Disney movie to have been made by Walt himself. Unlike most Disney movies, which were based on Fairy tales, this movie had several stories. Each one was neat, and was fit to their classical music pieces perfectly. Yeah, Night on Bald Mountain kinda scared me a little bit, but, I'm over it, now. My favorite segments would be either The Sorcerer's Apprentice or the dinosaur segment. And, the other segments work well in their own ways. I also really like the music that they chose for this movie. Each one was very good to listen to. The animation was also gorgeous! This is one of the best looking Disney movies I have ever seen! So, all in all, I love Fantasia. I will be sure to watch it plenty more times.



Well, I've seen everything when I see an elephant fly!

I find Dumbo to be a pretty good movie. It has some very cute moments in it, particularly the scenes with Dumbo himself. He's such a cute little guy, who learns to overcome his problems, and uses his ears to make himself special. I also really like Timothy. He's kinda like a mouse version of Jiminy Cricket. He also is one who's always by Dumbo's side, and is always standing up for him. Most of the songs in this movie were pretty good, my favorite song being the Pink Elephants song. It's catchy, crazy, and really lets the animation come to life. I also liked the crows in this movie. Yeah, they start off as jerks, but, then, after Timothy's speech, they decide to help him. So, all in all, I think Dumbo is a decent movie. I'd say it's definitely worth checking out.


5. Bambi (1942) (Platinum Edition 2-Disc DVD)

ok, I'm just gonna get this one out of the way: the scene where Bambi's mother got shot is so sad, and it's one of the saddest Disney moments ever. There. Done. So, how's the rest of the movie? Well, actually it's pretty good. First up, the animation is phenomenal! The backgrounds are beautiful, and the character animation is great, considering that the animators sketched and studied real animals. Speaking of which, some of the characters are pretty cool, particularly Thumper and Flower, who get some good lines here and there, and Friend Owl, while very grumpy, has enough personality to be considered enjoyable. However, there are some characters that lack personality, such as Ronno (though, I thought the fight scene with him was awesome to watch), who I think should have gotten more screen time. And the cute moments, while well done, sometimes drag. However, the strongest thing about this movie is the story. The story. It doesn't need any of the typical Hollywood clichés, it just focuses on the main character's life. Man, the villain, even though we never see him, is very intimidating. And, it's mostly the hardships that Bambi deals with are obstacles enough, that the story doesn't really need a whole lot of villains. So, all in all, I really enjoy Bambi. I may watch it a few more times.


Cinderella 1997 VHS

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Well, after a decade of making package movies, Disney decided to go back to making feature length films, starting with Cinderella. And, did it pay off? For the most part, yes. To start with, it has some good songs, with my favorites being the work song and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. They're catchy, and they have great lyrics. And, most of the characters are likable. Cinderella herself is a very likable character, and she really shows that, even in the face of adversity, never to give up. Jaq and Gus were very funny, and are usually among the first of comedic Disney duos that come to my mind. However, there are some flat characters, as well. Especially the prince. He lacks any personality, and he barely has any dialogue. Lady Tremaine was also a weak villain. She is cruel to Cinderella solely because she's evil, and for no other reason. What makes most Disney villains awesome is that they have actual motivation for what they do. Lady Tremaine doesn't.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 2002 UK DVD

You can fly!

Peter Pan I find to be a very fun movie. It has a lot in it for both kids and adults. Peter Pan himself is a very enjoyable hero, and he gets some good lines. Wendy was also a likable character, and her voice actress, Kathryn Beaumont does a good job. Captain Hook was a great villain, both funny and evil. He was villainous enough to try to kill Peter, but, also funny during his scenes with the crocodile. It's a perfect balance. The lost boys were also pretty funny, like when they bicker with each other. The movie also has some good songs, particularly the "You can fly" song. So, all in all, Peter Pan is a very enjoyable movie. It's definitely worth watching.

Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp 2000 UK DVD

This is the night.

Lady and the Tramp was a very enjoyable movie, and probably the best dog-related movie I've seen. I like how this movie shows us how dogs view the world. That's great writing, and makes the characters more likable. Speaking of which, I like the character arc for Tramp. He starts out thinking that the life as a stray is the best life, but, by the end, decides that life as a house dog isn't so bad. Lady herself is a very likable character, and Jock and Trusty were pretty funny. The songs in this movie are also pretty good, especially he's a tramp" and "Bella Note", which leads to the legendary spaghetti scene. The song is very soothing and romantic, and it makes Spaghetti look even better. So, overall, Lady and the Tramp is a decent movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes dogs.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty SE 2008 UK DVD

I used to really love Sleeping Beauty, but, now, I just put it in the "OK" category. One major reason is that a lot of only a few characters are interesting. The three fairies are pretty enjoyable, like when Flora and Merriwether bicker over the dress color. Maleficent was also a great villain, being calm and composed at some points, while being fierce and intimidating in others. The song "Once Upon a Dream" was also good, but the others are very forgettable. Some of the other characters are also very bland. Aurora herself isn't very interesting of a character. She's just nice, but that's just about it. Philip is just as boring as the Prince from Cinderella. He's just the standard dashing hero, and nothing else to him. He doesn't even have very much dialogue. These characters would be more likable if they had development, but, they really don't. But, overall, there's nothing really terrible about this movie, even though there are some parts that need work. But, I may even watch it a few more times.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians 2000 UK DVD

One Hundred and One Dalmatians was another Disney movie I used to watch a lot when I was a kid. As a kid, I liked it, and, as an adult, I still like it. To start with, a lot of the characters are likable. Pongo and Perdita were likable, showing the courage that they have in doing whatever it takes to rescue their puppies. And, I remember getting some laughs from the banter between the colonel and Sergeant Tibbs. Sergeant Tibbs himself was pretty cool, Willing to accomplish his mission, and showing no fear. Jasper and Horace were stupidly funny, and are usually among the first Disney Villain henchmen that come to my mind. And, of course, Cruella De Vil was a good villain, and her scheme to turn the puppies into fur coats is very diabolical. However, I do have one problem with this movie. My only complaint is that I would have preferred there to be more songs in this. I mean, "Cruella De Vil" was an awesome villain song, and "Dalmatian Plantation" was decent enough, but I wanted a little bit more. But, honestly, that's just a nitpick. Overall, One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a decent movie. Find it on DVD, Blu-Ray, or iTunes, and see for yourself.

The Sword and the Stone

The Sword in the Stone 1999 UK DVD

The Sword in the Stone is a movie that I would just put in the ok pile. It's not bad, it's just okay. Let's start with the good stuff. I thought that Merlin was a very enjoyable character, and I like the banter that goes on between him and Archimedes. I also like the song "Higitus Figitus Migitus Mum". It's catchy and fun. And, of course, who could forget about the legendary wizard's duel scene. It's fast-paced, and it's funny, seeing Merlin and Madam Mim turn into different animals to try and beat each other. I also liked the ending, which, I must say is a very nice ending, adding another witty reference to one of Merlin's modern day references. However, there are some very gaping flaws with the movie. First of all, there's the character of Madam Mim. I mean, she's an okay character, but she's made out to be the main villain. To be honest, I never really saw her as much of a threat, I saw her much more as comic relief. The role of the main villain seemed to go more to Sir Ector. Also, the animation is kinda dirty, and needs a little cleaning up. But, there's nothing really terrible about The Sword in the Stone. It's a decent enough movie, and, I just like it Okay. I'd say if you're looking around the video store, and looking for a decent movie, this might be one to look at.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book 2000 UK DVD

It's just the bare necessities of life!

And, now it's time to talk about The Jungle Book, the last Disney movie to have been made by Walt Disney, himself. So, is it any good? Absolutely. The Jungle Book is my second favorite Disney movie from the "Walt Disney" era, second to Fantasia. To start with, I enjoyed the characters. Bagheera was a very likable character, and is a very faithful friend to Mowgli. He's not sending Mowgli back to the Man Village because he doesn't like him, quite the contrary, he just wants him to be safe. Kaa was a very enjoyable side villain, because of all the jokes about how big he is. I always crack up whenever they do that joke where he gets knocked out of the tree. And, of course, Shere Khan was an awesome villain, especially with his voice actor, George Sanders. Even though we don't see him until the third act, all the build-up and talk about him is enough to describe how deadly he is. And, the other characters are likable in their own ways. I also liked the songs in this movie. "The Bare Necessities" and "I Wanna Be Like You" are very catchy and fun, and, "Trust in Me" was an awesome song. Even "My Own Home" was a very soothing song. While this movie does stray from the book by Rudyard Kipling, I let that slide, because, it's Disney, we've come to expect that. The climax was also really awesome! I was excited and invested the whole time, and, it also helps that the music by George Bruns perfectly fits the scene! So, overall, I really love The Jungle Book. It's got enough in it for both kids and adults. I say check it out, and have some jumping jungle fun!


So, did you like this? Which era do you think I should cover next? And, remember, if you like or hate any of these movies, that's okay, because that's all a matter of opinion. Until next time, this is Tigerfan45. See ya around!

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