Toy Story 4 Reunited poster

I know it's only a month until Toy Story 4 is released but I just like to tell you some stuff about it. According to this, Toy Story 4 is set to have a runtime of 1hr and 29 minutes, which is shame because I was hoping for it to be as long as the third film. But it pretty much proves that Pixar couldn't think of anything else to put in it. Another thing I want to talk about is this. I don't see why Pixar couldn't wait until AFTER the film was released in theaters because releasing a book for the film before the film's released is DEFINETLY headed to spoilers. Thank God I didn't read it but some people are posting their reads on YouTube making me VERY twitchy. So, you can basically thank Pixar for releasing a book based off the film early. I don't even see why people even bother spoiling films these days. I mean, Marvel didn't want anyone to spoil the Endgame but no-one seemed to listen and started posting their c**p on YouTube. So please, when TS4 rolls around, and you see it before I do, DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME! I'd rather find out myself.

Tile Denial, out.

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